NYX Haul pt 2: Mega Shine Lipgloss

Sep 6, 2014 0 comments
I bought these guys off of NYX's website at $5 a pop, and I got free shipping because it was exactly $25.00 :D This is my first time trying these out, and I love them! I see why everyone is always raving about them. Great pigmentation, great colors, great scents. My only complaint: they are slightly sticky and have a tingly feeling(not necessarily a bad thing)
Baby Rose - a sheer nude pink with sparkles
Sugar Pie - A slightly more pink version of Baby Rose. Almost identical.
Natural - a perfect warm nude gloss, no shimmer
Dolly Pink - a bright hot pink, no lipstick required!
Perfect Red - exactly the name, a PERFECT red gloss. This is one coat!
R - L: Baby Rose, Sugar Pie, Natural, Dolly Pink, Perfect Red
So have you guys tried these glosses? What do you think? Can you recommend any more colors to me?


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