Julep Maven Review

Jul 10, 2013 2 comments
I was just browsing the internet, la-di-da when I came across a blog post about Julep Maven, so I looked into it and found a lot of really cute colors so I signed up! Little did I know I was paying for a $19.99/month subscription! 

What Julep Maven is, is a Nail Polish company that provides products in a "Monthly Box" for a monthly cost of twenty dollars. But I didn't know that, I thought I was just buying the nail polishes I wanted for that purchase. I did NOT know I was buying a monthly subscription.

What you do is take a style test and they pic a "profile" for you based on your results. I received a Bombshell box which contained 5 polishes, a nail polish remover pad, a hand creme, a hand scrub, and a nail file.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Oscar, Kaylen, Sienna, Camille, Jennifer

They applied fairly well, these are all 2 coats, except for the glitters which are 3 coats. My favorites are Oscar and Kaylen. The other colors aren't really my kind of style. I am not a huge fan of light colors. I do really like the snowflake color Camille though. 
Nail Polish Remover: I really liked this product because it got my nail polish off a lot quicker than what I have been using, but this is probably Acetone and I have been using a non-acetone remover which is probably why it removed faster.

Hand Creme: Truthfully I haven't used this yet and probably wont.

Hand Scrub: Is basically St. Ives apricot scrub for your hands, I didn't really notice a huge change when I used it.

Nail File: It was a good nail file, made my nails nice and smooth.

Overall I think these products are not really worth $19.99 a month. I cancelled my subscription after I recieved my first box. To cancel you just call the number on their website. I had a hard time with that because I called when they were closed and they asked me to leave a message with my information and they would sent me a confirmation email and I did but they never cancelled my subscription so I had to call again and I was on hold for about 20 minutes before I got patched through. After that though it was a snap!

Have you ever used Julep? What are your thoughts?


  • mara said...

    i have one julep color in colbie and i looooove it. i would just go to sephora and buy it or find a way to buy them separately. i think i'd end up not liking what they sent me too! i do like the shape and size of their bottles though!!!!

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