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Jun 6, 2013 1 comments
I've recently become accustomed to shopping on It is this great website where you can go to buy amazing handmade items online. I mostly like it for jewelry, but you can also buy clothing, makeup and accessories(such as things for your phone or whatever). It really is amazing and since it is so amazing, I just spend and spend and spend my money there, guiltily, I might add lol. I have purchased a couple pairs of earrings for various sellers that I have been wanting to show you and I finally took descent pictures of them so here we go!
This first seller is Jesswanda and she makes amazing earrings, rings, cuff links and Iphone cases. I bought a pair of her 16mm Silver Stud earrings and I love them. I really like the 16mm studs because they resemble gauges without having to get my ears gauged. These cost $6.25 with no shipping fees. I ordered them May 21st and they arrived June 4th. They took about two weeks to arrive. Not bad for being handmade.
The next seller is SecretFinds right now she is away on vacation, so her shop is closed and I can't see what she sells exactly, I honestly don't remember anything except what I bought, so I'll just tell you about what I bought. I purchased a pair of Full Moon earrings from her. These are 13mm, so a little smaller than the last pair. They cost $15.45 with no shipping fees. They were sent out May 1st and arrived about 3 weeks later.
Visiting Cinderella was the first seller I bought from on Etsy. She sells earrings, necklaces, cuff links, lockets, pocket watches, bracelets rings and much more! I bought 16mm Cosmic Galaxy Studs. They cost $14.00 with no shipping fees. They were sent out April 13th and arrived 3 weeks later. These are my 100% favorite out of all the earrings I bought. 
BigBrandHandMake was the last seller I bought from and the most disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I love the earrings, they just took a bit more effort, but it's "you get what you pay for". I bought Special Resin Eyeball Earrings in Yellow. They are about 15mm. I payed $2.99 plus $3.99 of shipping fees. That is where she gets you! She charges more in shipping than a lot of her items are worth. Don't get me wrong she has some really cute jewelry but they were a little cheap. By that I mean, the eyeball fell off it's backing when I opened the package and I had to super glue it back on. Then the stem started to get loose so I had to super glue that as well. A little frustrating but I do love the way these look.
Have you ever shopped on Esty before? What do you think? What are your favorite items?


  • Evelyn M said...

    I absolutely LOVE etsy!! I especially love it when I look for nerdy related items like Harry Potter or bookworm stuff ... Etsy honestly has almost everything you can think of!! I got some cute bridesmaids gifts for my bridesmaids on here ... but this is one of my favorite sellers

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