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Jan 11, 2013 23 comments
I am super excited to show you guys this! I have been dying to try Fyrinnae for years and I finally got some of their eyeshadows! I have 15 in total to show you and one Lip Lustre, so this WILL be a long post! TONS of pictures! You ready? Lets go!

*Click images to view larger
Callipygian: Emerald Green on a black base
Enchanting Otters: Sea green with gold and purple sparkles
Dressed To Kill: Olive green with green and gold sparkles
Tyr: Greyed olive green with rainbow sparkles
Lucky Charmed: Golden Olive with gold and green sparkles
Otherworld: Cotton Candy blue/green with light pink and purple sparkles
Sleepy Hollow: Dark teal with rainbow sparkles
Wicked: Dark purple on a black base with blue and green sparkles
Hypercool: Dark teal on a black base with blue sparkles
Herbivore: Lilac purple with green sparkles
Mephisto: Purple with strong copper and red shifts
Frey: Dark plum on a black base
Purgatory: Dark red on a black base
Meerkat: Purple/Pink with golden sparkles
Pumpkinfire: Dark brown with gold and copper sparkles on a black base

*Products shown are sample size
From Left to Right
Callipygian, Enchanting Otters, Dressed to Kill, Tyr, Lucky Charmed
Otherworld, Sleepy Hollow, Wicked, Hypercool, Herbivore
Mephisto, Freya, Purgatory, Meerkat, Pumpkinfire
Swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer. Fyrinnae sell's a Pixie Epoxy which is essentially the same thing, but I have never used it so I don't know which works better.
Lip Lustre: Diabolic Masquerade: Black with red sheen
Here is one look using Mephisto. I also used Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette
Another look using Callipygian and Otherworld. I also used Sugarpill's Sweetheart Palette

So what did you think of Fyrinnae? Are you going to be purchasing any? I know I will!

To purchase from Fyrinnae:
Products shown are sample size: about $2.00 each
Full sizes are around $6.00


  • Ryana Tysekski said...

    Unf! Fyrinnae has been a long time fave :) But damn girl, your looks are always amazing! I demand moarrrr looks!

  • Taylor Johnson said...

    i've been lemming for some Fyrinnae shadows! I had my eyes on Callipgian and Hypercool, among others. I've never seen swatches though! SO glad for this post! And of course- yours looks are stunning!

  • Deja Zu said...

    I had 2 of their Lip lustre, I loved them! An I have 2 loose eyeshadows,  Sorceress and Otherworld. Love them to pieces. Need to order more ;)

  • missashii.x said...

    I can't believe you have only just got into Fyrinnae, when I think of them I picture you! Awesome pictures & swatches, I have only tried a few of their shadows but love their pixie epoxy.

  • EyeGraffiti said...

    Oh. My. Gosh! These are amazing!! Sleepy hollow and wicked could get their own altar at my place haha!
    I thought of getting some stuff from fyrinnae too but never have. Feel like i have to now haha!!!!
    So sparkling and nice!!! Thanks for showing me this, just must stop drooling now!!/Azure

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