My Best of 2012

Jan 5, 2013 15 comments
I just wanted to have one collective post of all my favorite looks from 2012 and kinda get your vote on which ones are your favorite as well!
Barbie; Bubble Gum Pop
My Bedford Holo; Complementary Double Cut Crease
St. Patty's Day; Spring
The Hunger Games; Iron Man
Thor; Hulk
Witche's Fire; Enchanted Forest
Loki; Peaches & Cream
Slytherin; Gryffindor
Fourth of July; Spider Man
Batman; Taurus
Turquoise Sands; The Sun
Mercury; Jupiter
Tropics In December; Smitten Christmas


  • Alexis Colon said...

    I love them all of course, but my 3 faves (and I can't put them in any order 'cause they're all rad) is Iron man, Jupiter & smitten christmes.  You are so talented girl!

  • Anonymous said...

    Hey! I had a few questions for you:
    What camera do you use? And what editing software?
    Thank you! Please email me your answers!!

    A fellow artist :)

  • tridaeasey said...

    bedford holo has got to be one of the most gorgeous eye looks I have ever seen! it's BY FAR my favourite. & I love peaches and cream!  (btw, all of your looks are freaking outstanding)

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