The Martian Planet: Mars

Oct 7, 2012 8 comments
Mars is probably one of my favorite planets, mostly because it has had the most speculation about having extra terestrial life. Though, as far as we know, there isn't any. It is also the most explored planet by our modern technology. We have had several rovers sent to take photos and samples. It is called the red planet for it's distinctive red hue, and despite this, it is one of the coldest planets in the Solar System.
For this look I decided to keep the lid color more realistic while the crease colors are derived from the planets name "The Red Planet". I chose to do a cut crease to make it a bit more dramatic because there has always been a sense of mystery surrounding the planet.
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
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Sugarpill Eyeshadow - Love+ & Tako
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Loreal Chrome Eyeliner - Black Shock
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NYC Liquid Lip Shine - Cappuccino 

Some other amazing photos taken from various Mars Rovers :)
Left: Earth, Venus & the Sun
Right: Mars Sunset

What is your favorite planet?


  • Kris said...

     I love, love, LOVE cut crease looks and I have to admit that yours are probably the most gorgeous I've seen!  This one is absolutely stunning.

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