Review: Maybelline Gel Liner

Sep 6, 2012 16 comments
I bought this about a month ago because my liquid liner was running out and I kind of missed using gel liner. I heard in the past that this one was pretty good for the price so I decided to purchase it and review it for you guys!
It comes in a little glass pot like most gel liners
Also, it comes with a liner brush, but personally a prefer my own.
The liner brush that I just bought from an art supply store. See how the tip is pointed? That makes for a much more precise line as well as the bent handle.
On the left is the brush that came with the liner
On the right is my bent liner brush.
The liner is very black and creamy. It sets after drying so when you look up it dosn't end up in your crease and ruin you eyeshadow. Also it acts as a good base for dark shadows.
On the left I used it just a liner for the top lash line.
On the right I used it as a base for my black eyeshadow.

Have you ever used Maybelline's gel liner? What is your favorite type of liner? Pencil, Liquid or Gel?


  • Anonymous said...

    Thank you!!!! - I have hummed & harred SO many times at getting this, but thought Hmm if it's not in a pen type form it can't be good...Well now you've proven my doubts wrong! YAY! Guess what I'm getting next grocery shop! :) (Toria H-H, New Zealand)..

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