Shiro Cosmetics: Zelda & Pokemon Collection

Jul 26, 2012 23 comments
Officially named The Super Effective Collection(Pokemon) and The Legends Collection(Zelda). Caitlin also included a few shadows from these two collections for me to try. Just like the Badger Mushroom Snake collection, I fell in love instantly. The colors are some of the most unique and versatile I have ever used! You could say that I am in love ;D

So, first off, I will start with The Legends Collection(Zelda). I received three shadows from this collection :)
Kokiri Emerald: Mossy golden green with lovely sparkles
Zora Saphire(my favorite!): An amazing duo-chrome of teal, blue and green. 
Goron Ruby: Russet red/brown. Almost matte.

Now The Super Effective Collection, I received two shadows.
I Like Shorts: Taupe brown with gorgeous shimmer
Elite Four: Gorgeous deep lilac with amazing golden sparkles

Swatches :)
Flash L-R:
Kokiri Emerald, Zora Sapphire, Goron Ruby, I Like Shorts, Elite Four
Natural Light L-R:
Kokiri Emerald, Zora Sapphire, Goron Runy, I Like Shorts, Elite Four

And a quick look, perfect for daytime wear with a bit of subtle color :)
The Shadows Used:
Snake, Kokiri Emerald, Zora Sapphire, Elite Four, Ever In Your Favor(Hunger Games), Wildflower(HG)

What's your favorite shade from these swatches? Mine is hands down, Zora Sapphire

You can purchase these shadows from
Sample Size(1/4 tsp) $1.00
Mini(1.0 gram) $3.50
Full(2.0 gram) $5.00


  • RusticComfort said...

    I am such a HUGE nerd for Legend of Zelda. I absolute love Ocarina of Time for the N64 LOL. These are GORGEOUS shadows, all of them!

  • RusticComfort said...

    BTW, do the sample sized bags go a long way? I'm debating getting samples of all of the Legends Collection.

  • Anjumstar said...

    I"m so excited that they have a pokemon makeup collection. I just wish that they had better pokemon names! And you have inspired me to wear more lime green. I think that it would look really good on brown eyes. :)

  • Anonymous said...

    I love Zelda sooooo much! You did a good job with The Legends Collection! I hope to collect the whole set.

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