Review: Makeup Geek Lipsticks

Jun 4, 2012 11 comments
Makeup Geek just released their new line of lipsticks and they were sweet enough to send me a few colors to review for you guys! And I have to say, they are wonderful!
They each come in their own separate box, very cute and lists all the ingredients. The actual lipstick tube is a very traditional design. The lipstick shade is on the bottom and you can see the color through the top.
I kind of wish that you could see the color more clearly, maybe something like the way NYX does it, because it is slightly difficult to find the correct shade you are looking for when you have them all together.

I am using the same promotion photos from the makeup geek site because when I took photos of my lipsticks, my camera distorted the colors so bad that I couldn't even fix it with Photoshop. The promotion photos are very accurate to the real color :)
Shy - Nude Pink(an exact lipstick shade for my natural lip color!)
Charming - Nude with orange undertones
Refined - Slightly darker nude with warm undertones
Fearless - Berry Hot Pink
Foxy - Warm Hot Pink
Luscious - Deep Red
Ravishing - Pinup Red
All of the lipsticks are unbelievably creamy, they feel like lip balm when applied. They are hydrating and they last a good amount of time. Of course I would recommend a lip liner for the darker colors though.

They have the traditional lipstick smell, so if that bothers you, you might want to pass. It really doesn't bother me at all, I don't sit around smelling my makeup lol. 

One problem with these lipsticks is because they are so creamy, they tend to break at the base, much like the Lime Crime lipsticks. Shy and Foxy were both broken at the base for me so eventually I will have to depot them. 

Contrary to that though Ravishing has a very different texture that the rest of the lipsticks, I am assuming because it is such a bright lipstick it has an ingredient that makes it last longer than the others. It is much stiffer than the rest and tends to pull at the lips. I wouldn't exactly say that is a con though :)

You can purchase these at for $7.99 USD each and they do offer International shipping for those not in the US

Overall my favorite lipsticks are Shy, Luscious and Foxy. I would definatly recommend these for any lipstick or Makeup Geek lover. They are really great and will quickly become a part of your favorites :D


  • Emily Penn said...

    oo I saw these yesterday and really want to try them! The colors look nice and since they look like they lack the nasty ingredients common in most lippies, I'd feel comfortable reaching for them daily. Thanks for the swatches! :D

  • kayla sutherland said...

    These are really pretty shades I love Shy,Charming, Fearless and Foxy. These are now on my wishlist lol :)

  • Alice said...

    Great swatches! I really want to try some of the nude shades, I'm just waiting until I see more swatches around the net before I make up my mind as I can only afford one, lol. 

  • Alessandra A. - Miss Boom Baby said...

    you are wonderful with all the colors but my favorites are Fearless and Foxy, I'd like to try them!

  • AlexisColon said...

    Ravishing & Luscious look AMAZING!  A girl can never have too many red lipsticks! 

  • Susanna said...

    Your blog is gorgeous, love it! Those pictures are just beautiful!! :) happy summer!

    xoxo Susanna

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