The Avengers: Loki

Jun 19, 2012 30 comments
This look is a little over due, I hadn't originally planned on doing Loki because he isn't actually an "Avenger" but he is as good as, maybe better(LOKI'D!) and I got a lot of requests to do a Loki look, so here it is!!
Since the movie's release, me and my best friend have quickly become obsessed with Loki and Tom Hiddleston(I mean, can you blame us?! He is gorgeous, talented and British!), and because of that there will be some Hiddleston porn near the end of this post.

*Disclaimer: It's not real porn xD

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
NYX JEP - Milk
120 Palette - Various Greens
Sleek Bad Girl Palette - Intoxicated, Envy, Noir, Innocence
Sugarpill Chromalust Pigment - Goldilux(eyes & lips)
Color Workshop Liquid Liner
Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner(eyes & lips)
Maybelline Turbo Mascara
Duo Lash Adhesive
Ardell 102 Demi False Lashes

All sources can be found here on my tumblr :) (follow me if ya like)
Which Avenger do you obsess over?


  • Fenua Beauté said...

    I like your Avenger looks so much, this one is by far my fave. Can you believe I still haven't watched the movie? It's so weird, though, that I like the look - inspired by the character I like least - best.

  • Amanda_Val said...

    gahhh the smokey cat-eye is perfection! and the lashes. and Loki himself, though I do prefer an Irish accent haha :D 

  • Makeup Fancy Blog said...

    OMG!! Just when I feel you can't get any cooler.. I'm obsessed with Loki/Tom too. Completely. You are so my hero!<33 This look is B.A. and I love you and I love Loki and Tom yay!!! :D

  • missashii.x said...

    Ermahgerd! (hehe just saw this meme had to say it) This is amazinggg. Especially your last picture! Lips are perfect.

  • Meredith Jessica said...

    Kassie, I really really love this look. It's so well balanced and designed. Blended where it needs to be, bold where it needs to be. It's just really beautiful and well done.

  • EyeGraffiti said...

    Whoa! This is some serious crazy good eye make up! I love it!
    You always seem to get the best out of every eyeshadow you use and they always looks incredible vivid!

  • Alexis Ashcraft said...

    How long did this makeup last? Could it last for a few hours? I want to do this for ComicCon... Thanks!

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