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May 29, 2012 12 comments
So I thought I would just jump right back into my old routine, so I have a review for you guys!  A Couple of weeks back I was contacted by Drama Queen Cosmetics to review a few of their eyeshadows of my choice 
and their Eyeshadow primer :P
"It has been said that life is just a movie; if you don’t like the story, then re-write the script. Without the drama, the happy ending would just not be as exciting. Dedicated to the screen goddess in each of us, Drama Queen Cosmetics is an invitation to explore your fantasies through reinvention and indulgent self-expression."

Diamond Dust - Shimmery White
Baby Doll - Soft Powder Blue
Sapphire - Shimmery Sapphire Blue
Twilight - Black with blue shimmer
Vivid Effect Shadow Primer
No Primer - L-R - Diamond Dust, Baby Doll, Sapphire, Twilight
Primer - L-R - Diamond Dust, Baby Doll, Sapphire, Twilight
The Packaging is my absolute favorite! It is sleek and black, the twist top is perfect and you can see the color of the shadow through the lid with the logo on top, very classy ;D

The Primer is very smooth, it feels air whipped to the touch. It defiantly makes the shadow brighter and more pigmented and it significantly makes color last longer. But it is difficult to spread it over the entire lid. "A little goes a long way" does not apply to this primer. I still prefer my Lime Crime primer :p

Diamond Dust is pearly and gorgeous, but the texture of it is very similar to that of cheap drugstore eyeshadows, think Rimmel London.

Baby Doll is a soft pastel blue has the same texture as Diamond Dust

Sapphire is the shade I was most excited for! It is a gorgeous sapphire blue, it is the color of my birthstone as well! The Texture is much softer than the other two colors but the more you blend it the more it turns grey and loses its pigmentation, very disappointing. 

Twilight is the most disappointing of the bunch. It is the least pigmented and the most patchy. It fails across the board as a black shadow, it swatches "okay" with the primer but its pathetic without it.

So overall I am pretty disappointed with the brand, there are much better eyeshadows on the market for a better price. They swatch great but the wear completely different :/

If, despite my review, you are interested in trying the products for yourself you can purchase them at
Single Eyeshadows are $15.00 USD
4 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes are $38.00 USD
Vivid Effect Shadow Primer is $15.00 USD


  • AlexisColon said...

    This is the second "blah" swatch & review I've sen for drama queen cosmetics today.  I don't think I'll be investing in these.  Thanks for the save girl.  The look still looks cute though :)

  • DQ said...

    I am sorry to hear that you didn’t like the free samples. This line is meant to be for everyday wear for a more natural look. We had a lot of MUAs that loves the quality of the shadows especially for TV and bridal. We are looking to launch a line of theatrical colors, perhaps the new colors will be more suitable to your liking.  

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