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May 1, 2012 17 comments
It was heavily requested on my Facebook page that I make a facechart tutorial :) I have been posting a few as "sneak peaks" and you have been curious so I decided to show you guys how I do it! I made a video tutorial and a picture tutorial for those who prefer one over the other.
Some tools you should be familiar with
Left to Right
1. Select Tool: This lets you move layers around
2. Magic Wand: Lets you select certain aspects of a layer
3. Eye Dropper: Lets you pick up colors that are already in your composition
4. Brush Tool: Acts like a paint brush
5. Eraser: Self explanatory
6. Smudge Tool: Acts the same way as blending, lets you move color around till it is blended
7. Pen Tool: A very complicated tool, you should do your research so you can properly use it. For this tutorial it will help us create a specific shape
8. Zoom: lets you zoom in or out of your composition
9. Color picker: this is were you select your foreground and background colors.
Step one
Open your photo editing program, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS3
File > Open > Select your image. I got a basic MAC facechart from the internet and colored the skin and eyes(I am not going to show how to do that, but if it is requested I will in the future).
Step Two
Zoom in on the eye area and create a new layer by clicking the page icon in the bottom right corner
Push "B" to select the brush tool and make sure it has the following settings:
17 px Master Diameter
0% Hardness
Step Three
Click the color picker to choose your color. I almost always work light to dark so I will pick a light color to place on the inner half of the lid.
Step Four
Select the Smudge tool to blend out the edges of the color
Step Five
Create a new layer, we will be creating a new layer for each new color we add.
Pick a slightly darker color and place it on the outer lid, blend using the smudge tool again
Step Six
Select an even darker color to place in the crease, the same way you apply your eyeshadows.
Instead of using the smudge tool to blend we are going to go to
Filter > Blue > Gaussian Blur
The Radias depends on the picture. 0% Radius does almost nothing and 250% blurs it out to non existance. Somewhere between will be good. 
I chose 6.8% Radius
Step Seven
Pick a darker color and blue it out the same way(remember we are creating a new layer for each new color)
Repeat again with black
Step Eight
Select the eyedropper tool and pick up the first light color and apply it above the dark colors. Repeat the steps to blend it out
Step Nine
Add white to the tear duct and brow bone to create a highlight and blend it out
Step Ten
Now we are gonna create the eyeliner. Select the pen tool and click your first point near the tear duct. Then click your second point where you want the wing to end.
Click another point somewhere in between those two points and press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard. While still holding that button drag the middle point to where you want your liner to curve. Continue doing this till you complete your liner. Click your first point again to close the shape.
Step Eleven
Right click > Fill Path
Now you can select a plethora of options to fill the shape with: Foreground Color, Background color, new color, Black, White or grey. For this I will select black
Step Twelve
This step is optional, but if you want your facechart to have eyelashes you need to browse the internet and download some eyelash brushes. I found mine on DeviantArt, that is a good place to look. Just re-size them to fit the charts eye and click :)
Step Thirteen
We have one eye done, now we need the other done. I have an easy way to acomplish this.
Zoom out and select all of your layers. Drag them all to the create a new layer button that looks like a page and it will duplicate all of your layers
Press Ctrl+T to select the Free Transform tool. Right click and click Flip Horizontal. Then drag it over to fit the other eye and your done!
I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


  • Kassie K said...

    No it is very easy. I just use a program called CamStudio and you just press recorded and be on your marry way. I got it for free off the internet a few years ago :)

  • Geena said...

    Yesss!!! I am SO happy you made this!! Can't wait to try it out. And I, of course, would love to know how you colored in the face :)

  • Eyegraffiti said...

    This is such a great idea! I'd never thought of it before lol!
    You make it seem so easy just clicking and colouring!
    Thanks for a great idea and a very thoroughly tutorial!

  • Geena Barret said...

    I love this so much and I keep trying to do it. Practice makes perfect! Except I have no idea how to color the face or do the lips. I'm working on the lips but the face is nothing without color!

  • AlexisColon said...

    Thanks for this tutorial, it's definitely one of the most helpful I've seen.  I'm trying to do face charts with a GIMP (it's similar to photoshop) for the first time, but how the heck did you contour the face!?  I'm having such trouble with that I haven't even made it to the actual makeup yet so frustrating -____-

  • Kassie K said...

    All you really have to do is pick skin toned colors, one neutral, one dark, and one light and contour the facechart the way you would your own face :) Same concept

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