Blueberry Pie

May 6, 2012 14 comments
I honestly couldn't think of a cool name for this look but I do have a cool fact for you guys: Did you know that Blueberries are not really blue at all? They are purple! lol I learned that in my cooking class last semester and thought it was interesting. Now onto the look! I got some mores samples from Victorian Disco Cosmetics and I had to use them!
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer
VDC e/s - Lightsaber, Shotgun Kisses, Rini
VDC Glitter - SCAR-H
GDE e/s - Glam Girl 
Sugarpill e/s - Tako
Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner
Maybelline Turbo Mascara
NYC Ultra Moist Lip wear - Chiffon
Milani Lip Flash - In a Flash
How gorgeous are these?! Lightsaber on the left and SCAR-H on the right.


  • Marlaandmakeup said...

    This look is so gorgeous ! ! ! :) 

    I am loving that blue eyeshadow!

    Could you do a tutorial on this look or one similar to it :) 

  • Eyegraffiti said...

    This look is simply divine! Oh my good I love how you play with colours and creative ideas! You inspire me so much and today I really needed it! So glad that I stopped by here today ;)! Thanks Kassie, you're great! Only bad thing is that I just can't stop starring at that glitter, it looks awesome. Must checked it out asap!

  • Amanda said...

    This is GORGEOUS! I get kind of annoyed when someone calls a blue color blueberry, I'm like NO blueberries are purple!! But this look totally works because you have purple :)

  • Zoe Clark said...

    This is so beautiful, I couldn't stop staring at it on beautylish. I love how your eyes glow through every makeup look you do :3 I've awarded you the versatile blogger award simply because you are so talented and lovely and your blog kicks ass! Check it out! :)

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