Webcam Pics!

Apr 18, 2012 21 comments
I saw this on RoseShock's blog and thought I would be fun to show you guys my webcam pictures! I always take webcam pics to make sure I like it before I post it anyways :) Starting at the most recent :)
Pinup using MakeupGeek Shadows
*Preview* Hulk look, I am really looking forward to showing you guys this!
Pinup again with a stripy shirt :p
New jeans :D
Thor, my new favorite smokey look!
Nuetral look using Wookie Noises from VDC
Hunger Games Nails
New outfit :p The only neon thing in my closet lol Everything else is black xD
Me glasses that I never wear because I have contact de lense ;D
Hunger Games look before the premier
After I got my tickets! I was soooo excited!
Spring look using GDE & VDC
New VDC shadows & glitters
My job interview outfit though I didn't get the job D:
Captain America!(the shirt not the look xD)
Reading Catching Fire! Best of the trilogy!
My "goth" outfit lol
Being weird lol
St. Patty's Day, those rhinestones were so bothersome!
Greeeeeeen swatches!
My Big Bang Theory Shirt!
No makeup makeup for those hot summer days
The aviators I got for Christmas :D They are too big for my face xD
Filming the Classic Christmas Tutorial
Playing with black lipstick, no eyemakeup
Santa Hat!

I hope that wasn't too many pictures!! How have you guys been?! :D


  • Angie Katarzyna O said...

    ^^ i love the big bang theory shirt. =) also love the pin up looks i like this kind of style. =) 

  • Alice said...

    Oh my gosh, I love your BBT and Captain America shirts! Where did you get them? The pin-up and Wookie Noises looks are lovely. I checked out Victorian Disco after you recommended them, and wanted to buy all the Star Wars shadows just cause the names were so cool! 

    The rest of your room looks really big! I'd love to see a closeup of your bookcase, and how you organise all your makeup. I'm really nosey about other people's bedrooms and stashes, lol. >_<

  • Amanda Val said...

    You are so gorgeous even without makeup :O i wish i was like that..
    but how do you get your webcam piks not to be grainy and horrible? its amazing how they seem pretty clear lol

  • Amanda Val said...

     YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS WITHOUT MAKEUP :O i wish i had your face...
    but high fives for having an awesome sense of humor - ur piks make me smile :)
    still tho, how do you keep your webcam piks so clear and ungrainy lol

  • Jamie Donnelly said...

    All of your posts are awesome, but this one was awesome and funny.  I want to take some webcam pics now!  Thank you for sharing!  I can't wait for the HULK look!!

  • Kassie K said...

    I got both shirts in the mens department of JCPenny's :D I am so glad that you are diggin her stuff! You should check out the new WoW collection, every shadow is to die for!

    That actually isn't my room O.o My computer is in the office right next to my room and that is what you are seeing. And that isn't my bookcase, it is my mothers :p My books are strewn all over the place xD

  • Asd said...

    Install the live webcam desktop ( and set the inverted image effect.  It would be more fun. Your cat will die from the break heart.

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