New Avengers Mini Series: Iron Man!

Apr 1, 2012 33 comments
All of my favorite movies are a part of The Avengers Tie in movies and I can't friggin wait for The Avengers to come out next month. I though to myself, "Hey, I have a whole month before the movie comes out...hmmm" So in light of The Avengers coming out I am going to be doing a mini series of looks inspired by each Avenger! :D This week is going to me Iron Man, my favorite.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man(played by Robert Downy Jr.) is this really awesome play boy philanthropist who is rich and loves women. He inherited his father's Weapons company, Stark Weapons and is making bank from it. In the first Iron Man film(the best one), Tony gets kidnapped somewhere in the Middle East and finds out terrorist groups are using his weapons to harm people. He has a change of heart in the cave after he realizes what is happening and he become Iron Man! At least a prototype xD Seriously, this movie is one of the best Avengers movie, you HAVE to watch it if you haven't! And even if you have go see it again! 

Now onto the makeup look! I took inspiration from the Gold and Red in his Iron man suit and the blue glow of his eyes and arc-reactor heart :)
I got inspired by Pixiwoo's golden lips from this tutorial.
Haha my bitchy face and my silly face :p
My normal face :p
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Sugarpill Chromalust Pigment in Goldilux(foiled) and Royal Sugar(waterline)
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako(highlight)
Manly 120 Palette 2nd Edition - Red(crease) & Black(deepen crease)
Victorian Disco Cosmetics Glitter in Pavelow
La Splash Eyeshadow Sealer
NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue
Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner in Black(tight line)
Maybelline Turbo Mascara
Duo Lash Adhesive
Ardell 102 Demi False Lashes
Small Rhinestones
NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Cappuccino
Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Golden Ticket

Are you guys excited for The Avengers? Which is your favorite Super Hero? Favorite Iron Man movie? :)


  • Zabrinah Shepherd said...

    You look gorgeous! And I think this is SUCH A GOOD IDEA. I love superhero movies and I'm super excited for The Avengers to come out. 

    Captain America has been my favorite so far. I own that one on DVD. I still need to see Thor and Iron Man. I'm really behind. But, I love this genre, so I'll be sure to catch up.

    ~Zabrinah[your everyday girl,writing about guys]

  • Alice said...

    Woo, very cool and bright! I love the blending in the crease. I'm really excited for the new Spiderman movie. Spiderman's my favourite superhero (as well as Daredevil), but I didn't like the Tobey Maguire movies at all. The second one was one of the worst films I've ever seen. >_< Hopefully Andrew Garfield'll be better. 

  • Kassie K said...

    Thank you so much!! Captain America was a great film! I always get sad though when I think about how he wont be with his love anymore, I hope they speak on that in The Avengers. Thor and Iron Man are defiantly some of the better ones as well. My favorite is Thor because Chris Hemsworth is hot lol. 

  • Mandy said...

    I am SO stoked for the Avengers movie. I am a huge comic book nerd and it has become my tradition to see every single super hero movie that comes out in theatres, no matter how awful (cough Green Lantern cough) -- but I am pretty much positive the Avengers is going to be awesome. I love this mini series already, your Iron Man look is spot on, and I can't wait to see the rest of the series! :-D

  • Kassie K said...

    I know, Green Lantern was awful. The only good thing about that movie was Ryan Reynolds was hot lol. I am mega excited for the avengers, I might even go to the midnight premiere if they decide to do that. Glad you like my look! :D

  • Eden-Avalon Celeste-Deamone said...

    YESSS! The trailer for this played during the previews for The Hunger Games and the entire audience cheered. I can't wait to see this and i love the idea of a series based on them. I LOVE the look you've made for this!  The golden lips are a great touch.

  • Kassie K said...

    I had a spaz attack when it came on when I saw The Hunger Games xD So glad you like the look! I really loved the golden lips and will defiantly use that trick in the future :D

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