Coastal Scents Glitters

Apr 4, 2012 25 comments
I got these for Christmas and have been loving them! There are 17 Glitters in all. Each glitter is $1.49 USD for the sample size, which is a lot of product! My mom bought me all of them for a reduced combination price of $21.95 USD, so that is a really good deal! 17 Glitters for 20 bucks :P
They come in little baggies like this with the name and other information on it. I moved mine into jars so I can store them easier. But I filled them up to high so every time I go to use them, I make a major mess :/ The jars I use are also from coastal scents and you can get those HERE 
Crimson, Ripe Orange
Sahara Sand, Golden Fairy Dust
Jade Green, Lime
Emerald Green, Ocean Blue
Purple Punch, Pinky
Flamingo, Cappuccino
Black Magic Hologram, Silver Hologram
Tinsel, Fairy Dust 004
Fairy Dust 008
L-R: Crimson, Ripe Orange, Sahara Sand, Golden Fairy Dust, Jade, Lime
L-R: Emerald Green, Ocean Blue, Purple Punch, Pinky, Flamingo, Cappuccino
L-R: Black Magic Hologram, Silver, Hologram, Tinsel, Fairy Dust 004, Fairy Dust 008

Some Looks :)
The best way to apply these glitters is with a sticky base. I used La Splash Eyeshadow Sealer but there are many many options such as Clear Lash Glue, Too Faced Glitter Glue, or Fyrianne Pixie Epoxy.

Sample Size Individual is $1.49 USD
Sample Size Set is $21.95 USD
You can Purchase from

Which glitter is your favorite?
Mine would have to be Black Magic Hologram, Silver Hologram and Purple Punch :)


  • makeupbymanilove said...

    Glitter honestly warms my heart! And I have been on the hunt for some inexpensive ones that works well. Thanks for sharing! 
    -Imani Love

  • catfanatic65 said...

    My favorite is Silver Hologram! I've used it in a ton of fun going-out looks :) I love Purple Punch too, but haven't been able to create a good look from it :( I also just ordered Crimson, Emerald Green, and Golden Fairy dust so I'm excited to try those!

  • Lisanne said...

    Each time I see glitter like this I go Gollum with the sparkly eyes... "my preciousssss".
    They're stunning, to bad we can't really get cheap coastal scents deals here in Europe, everything is much more expensive. But I'm looking forward to more looks with these pretties, especially Purple punch and Crimson!

  • Alice said...

    I can never get glitters to look right; there's loads of fallout and I can never get them to blend well, and sticky bases only make it worse. They look really purty though! 

  • Anjum said...

    Ooooh. I need these. I only have one glitter, and even that is a sample... This seems like a good way to get an instant collection. :)

  • Kassie K said...

    To help with the fallout: it is inevitable, but you should do you're foundation after applying glitter and to pick it up off your skin, use a little piece of scotch tape :)

    Glitters aren't really supposed to blend, they are supposed to POP :) And if you are using a sticky base, it is best to pat the glitter on top, instead of in a swiping motion :)

    Hope that helped!

  • EyeGraffiti said...

    I should not have read this post, I want them all! I'm a bit of a glitter geek myself so whenever I see some, I just want it!
    They look really gorgeous!

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