The Avengers: Hulk

Apr 20, 2012 32 comments
This look went through a lot of trial and error in the facechart stage. I ended up asking you guys what you thought on my Facebook page and a lot of you guys had some really great ideas and I took that into account when I was doing the look. I still think it came out a little too "witchy" but I really really like it and I hope you guys do too :D

The Incredible Hulk(in no way associated with Hulk 2003) is the story of Bruce Banner(Edward Norton) aka Hulk. He is a real smart science guy who works at a University. He was conducting an experiment(the attempt to recreate the Super Soldier experiment that was performed on Captain America) and something went horribly wrong. He turned into this big giant monster known as the Hulk. So he goes into hiding and tries to find a cure to his condition. And, as most people know, he only transforms when he is provoked or angry "You wont like me when i'm angry".
In the original comics and animated TV shows, hulk wears purple ripped shorts, but in the film you can't really tell they are purple lol. I still included the purple aspects in the look anyways :p
My Hulk face xD
Tried my best to capture the green contouring
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
NYX JEP - Lime(lid & center of lips), Rocky Mountain Green(lips), Purple Velvet(waterline), Milk(browbone & tearduct)
120 Palette - Various Greens & Purples(see photo)
Sleek Bad Girl palette - Envy, Noir, Twilight(eyes & lips)
Too Faced e/s - Lucky Charms(contour)
Sugarpill e/s - Tako
Physicians Formula Gel Liner - Purple
Maybelline Turbo Mascara
Duo Lash Adhesive
Ardell 106 Black Falsies
Who was your favorite Hulk actor? Mine would have to be Edward Norton, I am a little iffy about Mark Ruffalo. He seems like a chick flick guy not the action movie guy, so I am not sold on him yet lol


  • Meredith Jessica said...

    Been so excited to see this since your webcam pics post and I love it even more in HQ. I agree with Emily completely the brows and lips are outstanding. So well done. They totally make this look!

  • Lisanne said...

    Damn girl, just when I think you just can't get any better you come up with something even more awesome. Loooooove the green brows and the lippies. And the look, naturally, is amazeballs. You kick some hulkin' green ass!

  • Kulsum Amatul Kareem said...


    I wish i lived somewhere close to you, that way i could learn from you! 
    Really amazing! Love each and everything about this look.. eyes, lips!, the eyebrows! And you're beautiful! :) 

  • Mandy said...

    Edward Norton is by far my favorite actor to take on the Hulk. I am nervous about Mark Ruffalo doing it, too. I did hear awesome things about the Avengers movie though, so I have high hopes!!

    Anyway, the lips and eyebrows make this awesome to me. :-)

  • Starryskies214 said...

    Kassie, this is gorgeous.  It's really well done!  I love the brows.  And your Hulk face!

  • Lisanne blogt said...

    I'd swear I had already commented. Oh well: when you posted a preview of this look on facebook I was in awe, it's so stunning!! I really think the green brows compliment the look. Sure, it's a little unorthodox for an everyday look but it doesn't even look freaky, just beautiful!

  • Alice said...

    Ooh, cool! I love the lips and eyebrows! Not exactly something to wear grocery shopping, but awegreat nevertheless. XD  I'm actually looking forward to seeing Mark Ruffalo as Hulk--even though, as you say, he is kinda chick-flicky, he has this kind of soft and squishy vulnerability that I think could work well as the Hulk. Hulk is like this huge green wall of anger, but Bruce Banner is more a victim of circumstance, like Jekyll and Hyde. 

  • Kassie K said...

    I know, it is really weird, it will send me your comments but half the time they don't show up on my site O.o

    I am so glad you like the look!! :D

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