The Avengers: Captain America

Apr 28, 2012 26 comments
Captain America was the last Marvel movie released before The Avengers(comes out May 4th). It is about a man named Steve Rogers who just wants to join the military to help serve his country during World War II. They wont accept him because he is too scrawny and has to many medical issues to go to war. But one day at a carnival, he gave one more shot at enlisting. A German man, Dr. Abraham Erskine, took notice of his persistence and his determination to join the forces. Erskine picked Steve for his "Super Soldier Project" and injected him with a serum that would turn him into Captain America :D

I took inspiration, obviously by the Red, White and Blue of his uniform and the star on his shield but also I wanted a big of glitz and glam to represent his "figure head" status after he became Captain America. Also, I wanted to represent Peggy(his love interest) a bit with the red lips :)
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Who is your favorite character in the movie? I think mine is Peggy because that is how a woman should be treated. Just as equal as a man. She was a bad-ass!


  • Meredith Jessica said...

    So pretty, Kassie. It's like a prettier, more wearable version of Jangsaras. Would also be ADORABLE for Independence day! Loving this series, you're really knocking 'em out of the park!

  • kayla sutherland said...

    Peggy is also my fav because she is the only girl and she's strong. This look is great I love how you did you lips and the star on the cheeks is cute. Great look!

  • Lisanne blogt said...

    So gorgeous, I really love the colour combination and the red lips is a nice touch! Looks beautiful on you.

  • Mandy T said...

    LOVED this movie :)  Can't believe it isn't out yet for you!  It's been out since Wednesday for us in Australia!
    Love the look and your makeup is always so flaweless :D

  • Kassie K said...

    Me, too. What made me sad is thinking, he only had one love, Peggy and before he could ever spend his life with her he got frozen and by the time he was thawed she must be really old or dead :(

    Glad you like the facechart too!

  • Alice said...

    Very nice! I love the red liner, and the red lips are a very cool addition, especially as Peggy wore such nice red lipstick in the movie.

    I was very surprised by how good Captain America was; I was expecting it to be just a very run-of-the-mill superhero movie, but it was much more than just origin-story-wham-big-boss-fight. It seemed like the writers put actual thought into developing the characters and making them believable and *sympathetic* rather than just *likeable*. 

  • bowsandcurtseys said...

    WOAH Kassie! This is awesome, I love the bold cheeks! This definitely screams "AMURRICA!"

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