Victorian Disco Cosmetics: Sailor Moon Collection

Mar 3, 2012 20 comments
Quite a while ago, I won a giveaway held by Smashley Smash. You may be wonder who this is. If you are, then you need to know! She is an amazing girl who runs her own indie cosmetics company called Victorian Disco. So far, she only has Eyeshadows and glitters, but I hear she is venturing into primers and lip products ;D 

The main reason I love this brand, the main reason I even looked into it, was the fact that she has a Sailor Moon collection of Eyeshadows! How cool is that?! Then I ventured further into her brand and discovered she also has a Star Wars collection! I had a friggin nerdgasm right then and there! I ended up winning 14 Eyeshadows, 7 Sailor Moon, 7 Star Wars. And I am really impressed with all of them! Now enough with my yapping, lets get to the swatches!!
How cute are these?! The sticker comes on all full-sized jars.
Sailor MarsRusty red with pink and gold sheen.
Sailor Venus bright orange with a golden pink sheen
Sailor Moon Bright deep golden color with gold shimmer and sparkles.
Sailor Jupiter(my fav): Bright lime green with a yellow shimmer.
Sailor PlutoDeep Teal Green with Purple Reflects
Sailor MercuryBright royal blue with red and blue shimmer.
RiniCandy floss pink with a golden shimmer.

The shimmer in these are really hard to capture on camera, mostly because they are very faint. The dimension in these shades is astounding!
No Flash
R-L: Mars, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Rini
These were all swatched with LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer to help them adhere to the skin :)

And here is a few looks I did using the Sailor Moon Collection :D
Left: Rini & Mars
Right: Jupiter, Pluto & Mercury

The other shades in the Sailor Moon Collection:
Artemis - Bright silver with gold shimmer
Luna - Charcoal black with golden shimmer
Sailor Uranus - Bright taxi cab yellow with yellow shimmer and sheen.
Sailor Saturn - Bright purple with a reddish shimmer.
Tuxedo Mask - Reddish taupe with a deep red sheen and multi-color shimmer.
Sailor Neptune - Bright teal with blue sheen
Diana - Bright violet based pink with violet shimmer.

If you would like to purchase from Victorian Disco, click HERE
Full Size Jar: $4.50 2 Grams of product
You can also save a bundle by purchasing mass quantities of Mini Jars or Sample Baggies :)

I love this brand I hope you guys give it a try! 


  • KittenMittens said...

    If you love the Sailor Moon theme you should check out Persephone Minerals. She has sailor senshi collections for Mars, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, a huge collection for Sailor Moon herself and a cute pink collection for Chibi Moon. She's clearing them out right now discounted to reformulate because these aren't new and she wants to improve them to make them better.
    Sorry for rambling I just love themed collections!  It makes it that much harder to just chose 1 or 2 colours when you feel like you need them all lol

  • Terra said...

    Ok, I'll admit, these look a lot better than I expected them to.
    I'm still not sure I'll buy them, but this is because I need to invest in better foundation before I splurge in more eyeshadow.

  • Kassie K said...

    I actually have looked into her collections, but I want all of them and if you get all of them it starts piling up  in cost and it started getting too expensive to get all the colors I wanted. Victorian Disco has a cool deal where you get a slightly smaller jar for cheaper and you can buy them in bulk, picking any colors you want.

  • KittenMittens said...

     haha I know it's so hard to narrow it down.  I've stocked up little by little, still need Pluto.  I know if you message her she can do custom listings if you just want certain ones. I'm too greedy though and just want them all :D

  • Nancy said...

    I love this brand too. When I discovered the Star Wars theme collection I had a nerd freakout and I immediately had to buy them!
    Beautiful looks~

  • VictorianDiscoCosmetics said...

    Thank you Kassie! :D I love the swatches you did, and I'm so happy you enjoy the colors ^_^ 

  • Eyegraffiti said...

    aaawww how I miss Sailor Moon! i watched her a lot as a kid! and these colours has such sailor moon vibes! especially your green look is sailor moon to me!
    must check this up that's for sure! great swatches!
    i got so inspired from these looks! yiha!//Azure

  • KittenMittens said...

    I think she said she was just reformulating them and changing the base, I think the colours will stay similar though.  One colour I hope doesnt change much is Eternal Sailor moon, it's like light sheer white with gold shimmer and pink sparkles. So girly I wanna wipe it on everything lol

  • Georgia Young said...

    oh my god!! Sailor Jupiter is amazing!! I've got some coming but I can't remember which ones D: Can't wait to see what i can do with these!!! You're looks are so gorgeous!! xxxx

  • Olgie said...

    They're such bright colours! I wish I'd picked up some of the colours in this collection when I ordered, but I was all about the Star Wars!

  • Keptwench said...

    Sad to say that her shop seems to have closed down some months ago. Her last blog post was May 14 2012 and her FB page only shows people complaining about unreceived orders.  Sad.  

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