St. Patty's a comin'!

Mar 12, 2012 12 comments
St. Patrick's day is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an excuse to wear all green and no one can say anything about it! I mean, how cool is that? Having a whole Holiday surrounding my favorite color! And I get to pinch people who don't wear green? Sounds like a blast to me! So of coarse I had to do a St. Patty's look for you guys! I actually did two, I will show the other look closer to the actual day of St. Patty's. For now, here is a basic green look. I went back to basics for it, using all shadows from my 120 palette which I have sadly been neglecting these past few months. I have forgotten how pigmented they are!
(close up of the cute Shamrock sticker)
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
NYX JEP - Milk
120 Palette - Various greens & black
Physicians Formula Gel Liner - Black
Prestige Eyeliner - White
Maybelline Turbo Mascara
NYC Ultra Moist Lip-wear - Chiffon
NYC Liquid Lip Shine - Dusty Rose & Cappuccino
Shamrock Sticker
Have a good day!


  • EyeGraffiti said...

    well you could have st patricks day everyday if you want to;)! so lovely greens combined!
    and i recognize the feeling of neglecting products when there's a lot you buy constantly.... but that's the reason why you should throw anything away, right!?

  • elisms2301 said...


    Can I make a proposal? Can you put the final makeup look in the principal page, please? For example in this case, instead of Sant Patrick's photo, your makeup look. I don't know if I explain very well, I'm learning English :$ but I hope you unterstand what I mean jaja.
    It's an opinion! With my most good faith.
    Kisseees! :D

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