Katniss Everdeen: The Girl on Fire!

Mar 23, 2012 47 comments
Yes. I am Katniss Everdeen! Muahahaha!! 
Haha just kidding! I wish :p Actually no not really, my life isn't hanging by a thread to be determined by some Capitol A** Holes so I think i'm good xD

I went to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games last night and this was the makeup I wore! I was really inspired by the logo, the flaming Mocking Jay.
I feel like I should have done something more interesting with the lips, but I didn't want to go overboard with color so I just left it nude. I was also going to do the fire gradient on my cheeks but changed my mind, becuase if it didn't work out, I didn't want to have to deal with that frustration right before the movie.
I got my mom to french braid my hair like Katniss, surprisingly, no one else braided their hair O.o and hardly any people were wearing Hunger Games shirts. I read that a few theaters had people dress up and do skits while waiting in line for the movie. I didn't wear a t-shirt because Hot Topic SOLD OUT! UGH! So frustrating xD
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NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
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NYX Eyeshadow in Black
Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Love+, Flamepoint, Butter Cupcake, Tako
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Okay, now I am going to review the movie and talk about the whole experience so if you haven't seen the movie yet I would recommend not reading this part.

I picked up my friends around 7 and we went to the mall to buy our Hunger Games shirts. All Hot Topic had was XXXL Sizes so we ended up not buying shirts, instead we got Starbucks :p
The wait wasn't to bad. We had to wait in line outside for about and hour, then they let us in the theater and we had to wait for another three hours for the movie to start. We got primo seats right at the top. 

The trailers that showed for my theater were: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II(ugh), The Avengers(yay!) and Jennifer Lawrence's new scary movie, House at the End of the Street.

Then the movie started! Everyone cheered as the production logo popped on screen. I wont indulge any specific details about the film because I don't want to spoil anything. 

I was disappointed. Flat out disappointed. The actual movie is nothing like the trailer. You know how the trailer is all epic with the bag pipe music and it's just awesome? Yeah, the movie isn't. 
The begining was depressing, they changed the way Katniss got the Mocking Jay Pin and the Reaping Scene was really..weird. Everyone was quiet and the only person who made a sound was Effie and then Katniss when she volunteered. Then the actuall games started. They took away the awesome countdown and it was really fast and you couldn't really see what was going on because of the Shaky Cam(OMG I HATED THE SHAKY CAM). They skimmed right over a major characters relationship with Katniss and then that characters death. I didn't buy the relationship between Peeta and Katniss. Basically there was no character development. The ending was really rushed, they changed the Cornicopia's design and the Mutt's. 

They just changed to much for my liking, yeah the movie was good on it's own but it didn't follow the book as well as it could have. I think if they had Katniss' inner monolouge as a voiceover the film would have been better. The book is written in first person and half of it is all in her head, her thoughts as she walks through the woods. 

Jeremy Jahns gives a really good review, which I really agree with, plus he is funny so check that out.

Overall, the book was better. And, please, Read the book first! Otherwise you probably wont understand half of what is going on in the film because they suck at explaining things xD

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Are you a fan of the book? "Comment below and let me know" ;D See what I did there? ↑ Watch the video xD


  • Mandy said...

    I looove this look! It's perfect! And you know, I read the books and absolutely love them (all three, I don't see what was so bad about the second and third the way people complain about them) and I thought the movie was fairly good. I loved the costuming and makeup on Effie and people in the Capitol. I just wish the Prep Team would have been represented more in the movie. I didn't like the shaky cam myself, and I agree that inner monologue (like, if the movie were narrated by her) would have brought more depth. But I suppose it's hard to fit that book in 2 hours. :-(

  • Kassie K said...

    I loved Effie as well! Did you notice that they don't reconnect with her after the games? She just is gone after the games start O.o. At the end I was "What happened to Effie?!"

    Lol They should have made it longer ;D If it was good, I would sit through a 5 hour movie lol. 

    Glad you liked the look! :D

  • beautybymissl said...

    Love your look for the movie premier. It looks fabulous! I haven´t seen the movie and I haven´t even read the book, yet, but I think I have to :P

  • Nancy said...

    Totally agree on the movie. I HATED the shaky cam view!!!
    I did buy Katniss and Peeta's relationship at all either. Book is always better!

  • Kassie K said...

    I know! Maybe it's because I had such high expectations for the movie, but the books are 100% better, I might even re read it now that I have seen the movie. :p

  • Lisanne blogt said...

    Oh and I'm going to see the movie tonight so I skipped the review but I'm so looking forward to it. :D

  • Karen Lee said...

    I read the books. I thought they were fun to read, but I really liked the premise better than I liked the actual story. I was excited about the movie, because I felt that the story would lend itself better to a movie format than a book. Oh well, I'm excited to see it and will try not to expect too much.

    Your eyes look beautiful! Nice job, as usual.

  • Emma Loeskow said...

    I AM SO GLAD SOMEONE ELSE DIDN'T LIKE THE FILM. I was so disappointed and unsatisfied. I was so excited and it completely let me down. I didn't emotionally connect with the movie because the characters were bland and emotionally detached. I completely agree with all your points, especially the rushed ending and the changes they made. Would have loved a voiceover, better music and better filming. Heck better everything lol

  • Kassie K said...

    I think I know where you are coming from(with the action chapters especially) but the movie feel of the books didn't translate well to movie in real life xD

    Ironic isn't it?

    Thank you!

  • Alice said...

    Aiee, I was so torn over the film! I wanted to love it so much, but it was rushed and I didn't get ANY emotion at all. Like when Katniss met Cinna, it went straight from "Hey, Imma dress you in fire!" to "Let's hug cause we share a special bond". Same with Katniss and Peeta; no emotion, no conflict, no confusion. They did some stuff well, I think, like explaining things like the tracker jacks and the cannon and all, but overall... 

    Maybe it's different if you haven't read the books, but I found it really difficult to judge the film by itself. I kept on remembering passages from the book while watching it, so I couldn't tell if I knew what Katniss was thinking because of what was happening in the film, or because it was in the book. 

    And wow, your makeup's super bright! Very cool, though. I wanted to do a fire-makeup look but it didn't come out right, so I did a white/grey/black thing, (and a kind-of Katniss plait XD) like an actual mockingjay/mockingbird and was really disappointed that they didn't show any mockingjays in the film. 

  • Mai said...

    Hmmm I really liked the movie but I wonder if I enjoyed more because I didn't read the book. I did get a bit of background info by skimming some of the Wikipedia articles but for the most part, I'm a nonreader.

    I love the gradient you did with this look btw :)

  • Argon Boron said...

    I have to disagree with you.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and thought that it most definitely did the book justice.  It's true that it didn't follow the book story line one hundred percent, but that didn't make it bad in any way.  I think one problem is that you have to keep time limit in mind; there simply isn't enough time in a movie to add all the little details that you might have enjoyed about the book.  For the amount of time they had at their disposal, I felt that the movie was astounding and extremely well-done.  And this is coming from a fan who literally expected the worst from Hollywood in this case. 
    The only things that I would change would be that the dogs still looked like actual tributes, and that her first interview dress was a little... less ugly. 

  • Kassie K said...

    I agree with everything you said! It just seemed so rushed with no character development! The books are way better.

    I am glad you liked my look! Your Mocking Jay look sounds really interesting :D

  • Kassie K said...

    Maybe, because you were expecting the worst, you were pleasantly surprised? Whereas I was expecting the best and was disappointed. lol I would be more than happy with a 5 hour long movie if it was done right and followed the book :p But that's just me. I am glad you enjoyed the movie though! :D

    I thought her first interview dress was amazing! Not like the book, but still awesome! I was disappointed with the chariot costume and the last interview dress(she didn't look like "Katniss" at all, more like a barbie xD)

  • Mandi said...

    I'm a fan of the books and have to agree because they did change alot. They didn't even have Peeta lose his leg!! What's up with that!! So I'm not sure how they're gonna portray that in the second one because he's supposed to be a crippled....

  • Starryskies214 said...

    Look at those eyeballs lady!  This makes your eyes look that much bluer.  And it totally looks like fire.  I want to see the movie even though I haven't read the books.  I think the trailer looks good, it grabbed my attention and that's not my type of movie.

  • Kassie K said...

    Yeah I know! And they didn't make her deaf! Though since they fixed both of them up at the end of book one I guess I see why they left that out. And his crippled leg didn't really come up to often in book two. But still...gir! -_-

  • Anjum said...

    Fabulous look. Couldn't read what you said, though, because I haven't seen the movie yet. I may see it this week with my friend, but I just am not that excited by the movie... Don't know why, but I don't feel anything towards it even though I've been a fan of the books for a while. But people are telling me to see it, so I guess I will... Eventually.

  • Anonymous said...

    I saw the movie then I loved it so I read all the books as well. Have to admit I was a bit confused as to what was going on in the as I hadn't read the books. Luckily for me I had a friend who has read the books. XD I loved the film overall though!

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