Review: Anastasia Cosmetics Part 2

Feb 4, 2012 9 comments
Alrighty! Here is part two of my review of Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics! To see part one click here where I review the Perfect Brow Pencil and Tinted Brow Gel

First up, The Brow Pen
Description: Fine tipped brow pen features a long-wearing formula that applies with ease, clinging to both skin and hair for a subtle, natural look. Dries quickly, lasts all day, and is easily removed with soap and water. Use as a base to increase your current brow makeup's staying power or to fill in sparse areas for a fuller look. Available in two universal shades. 
Price: $21.00 USD
Top: Universal Light; Bottom: Universal Dark
As you can see here, it is a felt tip pen
L-R: Universal Deep, Universal Light
Left: Natural Brows; Right: Universal Deep
At first, I didn't really like this, because I wasn't used to a liquid brow product. But I actually really like this a lot. It has really good precision, they are too dark or harsh. The pen bleeds a little which is good for creating a softer look. And I really like how the deep shade has a red tinge to it. Mostly because I just dyed my hair a dark maroon color, so this is perfect for me!

Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

Next Is my favorite product from everything Anastasia sent me :D The Brow Wiz
Description: Ideal for filling in sparse brows with the ultimate natural look, Anastasia’s ultra-fine pencil tip mimics the appearance of tiny hairs. The dual-ended mechanical pencil and essential Spooley Brush make creating a fuller brow look not only easy, but convenient too. The mechanical lead saves product and never needs sharpening, and the built-in spooley brush on the opposite end brushes and blends in Brow Wiz to natural brows seamlessly. 
Price: $20.00 USD
Double ended :o
Ultra fine tip :)
Amazing spooly! :D
The shade I got is Ash Blonde, the lightest shade. They also sell three other shades: Medium Ash, Brunette and Caramel
Left: Natural Brows; Right: Brow Wiz
I friggin love this pencil! The color is absolute perfection for natural brows. As you can see from the photo's above, it really enhances my brows and makes them a little fuller without overpowering them. The ultra fine tip is perfect for drawing in the individual hairs where needed. And I love that it has the spooley on the other end. Honestly the spoolies that come with the Anastasia products are the best spoolies ever!

Would I buy again? Absolutely yes!!

Third product I have for you is the Brow Fix
Description: Our exclusive Brow Wax has been made into a convenient pencil. Anastasia’s multi-tasking formula holds brows in place and much, much more. Brow Fix can be used as an invisible lip liner prior to applying lip stains, to turn your shadow into liner by lining lash line with Brow Fix and using an angled brush to line eyes, and to minimize the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet by applying to outer corners of the eye. It can be used with brow filler products or alone, but is best used after applying powder or pencil for a subtle defined look.
Price: $21.00 USD
If you read the description, you can see that they say you can use this for a bazillion things! I have only tested it using it to set my brows, but really it seems the possibilities are endless lol. As for it being a brow wax to set your brows, it kind of lacks. It feels really greasy on the brows, granted the feeling dissipates, but it is rather unpleasant. It makes your brows shiny, as if they were wet. At first it holds the brows in place, but after a little time, my brows started to stray, which was really frustrating. And it feathered out the brow product I had in my brows, so there was brown outside of my brow line, which is not a pretty look.

Would I buy again? No, i'm better off just not using any wax.

Last for today is the Precision Tweezers
Description: Made in Italy, these precision Tweezers were custom designed by Anastasia to meet her precise specifications. This professional implement has been manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel for long-lasting performance. The slanted tip and calibrated tension gives you the ability to tweeze even the finest hairs without breaking the hair and skin.
Price: $28.00
This is much better than the Revlon tweezers I was using before. They really are made of stainless steal, you can just tell they are very sturdy and they will last me a long long time. The only thing that really peeves me about these tweezers is, they are so sharp, that if I am not extra careful it will puncture my skin and I will bleed slightly. That alone is enough for me not to really like them. I do use them every other day, because they  are better than my old ones, but they are just a little to sharp.

Would I buy again? I probably wont have to because they will last forever, but no I probably wouldn't. $28.00 for something that will cut me? No thanks.

Woo! Six products down, nine to go! Bear with my guys! It will all be worth it in the end I promise!! ;D


  • kayla sutherland said...

    Great review, I can't wait for the next one. This is giving my ideas of what you buy my mom for her birthday :)

  • Mandy said...

    I've never used a brow pen but I am really interested in trying one. Just scared my eyebrows would get too dark, I need such a light color.

  • Kassie K said...

    Since you need such a light color for your brows, I would stay away from the Brow Pen. Even the Universal Light shade is a dark brown. It is basically the same shade as the Universal Dark without the red tinge to it. 

  • Meredith Jessica said...

    I didn't know that about the brow wax! That's so friggen cool that it has all those uses! Thank you for enlightening me Kassie - I wasn't crazy about it either but now I have so many new ways to use it!

  • Starryskies214 said...

    I agree about the brow wax!  It didn't hold my brows in place nicely but it sure did wipe off the products I'd already had on my brows well!  Which I don't think it was supposed to do haha.  But that tinted gel holds my brows in place well!

  • Kassie K said...

    It was really frustrating for me when it smudged my brow product and then didn't even hold them in place. Oh well, better luck next time. I like the tinted brow gel, just a little to sloppy for me. Couldn't get that defined edge I am used to lol.

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