Review: Anastasia Cosmetics Part 1

Feb 1, 2012 9 comments
Hey Howdy Hey!!

A little while back I was contacted by Anastasia Beverly Hill, they had asked me if I wanted to try out any of their brow products and I said "sure!" I have had some difficulty with my brows recently so I thought I was bound to find the perfect brow product since that is what this company does: Brows.

A little back story:
"Anastasia Soare is widely referred to as “The Definitive Eyebrow Expert”. Over the years she has achieved iconic status in the beauty industry for her unique and revolutionary way of shaping the eyebrows. Anastasia’s Beverly Hills salon has built on a steady flow of celebrity clientele that include the likes of Oprah, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lara Flynn Boyle, Melissa Etheridge, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Stone, and others. " - The Huffington Post

So you can imagine how excited I was when I received my package. It was huge! When I first opened it up I had thought they had sent me their whole store! Seemed like they sent my all of their products! Pretty close to it! I was only expecting two or three products not 15! So, for that reason, this review is going to be split up into about 5 or 6 different posts throughout this month :)

To start off with we have the Perfect Brow Pencil.
DescriptionAnastasia specially designed this pencil to apply and blend color into the brow to achieve a brow look so natural it looks like your own. With a velvety-smooth pencil on one end and a built in brow brush on the other, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a fuller brow look. Portable and convenient to apply and blend color into the brow with less to carry in your makeup bag.
Price: $22.00 USD
She sent me 5 different shades, there are 6 available so the only color I don't have is Brunette
From Left to Right: Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Blonde, Ash Blonde, Strawburn
Anastasia provides the best brow spoolies ever! They actually comb your brows! Other brow brushes I've tried just push the hair around instead of grooming them.
L-R: Soft Brown, Ash Blonde, Medium Brown, Blonde, Strawburn
Left eye - Natural Brows; Right Eye - PBP in Medium Brown
I personally am not a huge fan of brow pencils, mostly because I feel they just tug and pull at my skin because they are so stiff. The website says there are good for a natural brow with just the hint of fullness. I disagree, I beleive these would be better for someone looking for a little more coverage. More than a natural brow but less than a drawn on brow. These are perfectly suitable for everyday use and I like that they come in so many different shades. 

Would I repurchase? nah probably not, I prefer shadows over pencils though. If you prefer pencils, than you would probably enjoy these :)

Next up is the Tinted Brow Gel
Description: Anastasia’s luxurious Tinted Brow Gel sets your perfect brow look with a hint of tint. Never flaky or sticky, this versatile formula keeps brows in place all day. Made of a lightweight gel, the formula is fortified with botanical hair conditioners and essential oils to keep brows feeling as great as they look. 
Price: $21.00 USD
Top: Blonde; Bottom: Caramel
Blonde; Caramel
Left: Natural; Right: TBG in Caramel
As you can see from the swatches above, these seem to have a satin-y almost metallic aspect to them, which at first I was very confused by. But once applied to the brows that dissipates. These are really good if you just want that extra fullness without completely filling in your brows. Good for someone with naturally full, thick brows. Mine area  little sparse at the front and ends, so I often don't reach for this because I need a little more coverage.

Would I repurchase? If I had better natural brows, but since I need to put a little more effort into them, no.
These are available in 5 different shades: Blonde, Brunette, Caramel, Espresso and Granite

I hope this was helpful! Stay tuned for part two!


  • Mari-Liis said...

    oh I´m so jelous O_O I always have broblems with my brows... I´m yet to find the perfect products for them!

  • Meredith Jessica said...

    Mari-Liis, if you check out my blog, I'm actually hosting an Anastasia giveaway right now where you can win  $100.00 worth of their brow products, amongst other prize packages!

  • Anastasia said...

    You did a great job :))))) your brows are looking fantastic! I would love to see your eyebrow thicker at the end (your beautiful eyes need a stronger frame) Enjoy your products ! Anastasia

  • Claudia Cervantes Amaya said...

    I've been undecided about Anastasia's eyebrow products, but WOW! They look amazing :) Definitely something I plan to check out.

  • Kassie K said...

    I didn't say they weren't good products, they just weren't right for me. The could easily work for someone else. I think they have more light shades because most companies don't produce those light shades. So it's a good brand for blondes :)

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