My Bedford Holo

Feb 23, 2012 26 comments
When I posted my review of the Anastasia Eyeshadows, I got a comment from Azure from Eye  Graffiti, asking to do a look using My Bedford Duo, since I said that was my favorite palette out of all of the shadows I got. And it defiantly is! The shades are so pigmented, I actually had a little trouble with fallout from the darker shade. You just need the tiniest bit of shadows on you brush and it will cover your whole eye! Also, you really need to check out Eye Graffiti, it is an amazing blog full of amazing looks! I get so much inspiration from them, so seriously, check em out HERE! Also, if you wanna see the other eye shadows from Anastasia click HERE.

Also, I wanted to add a little extra pop to the look, so I finally tried out the Coastal Scents Glitters that I got for Christmas. They are so amazing, and cheap and every one who loves glitter needs them! I am going to review/swatch them soon since I got all the colors in sample sizes :)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Duo in My Bedford
Coastal Scents Silver Hologram Glitter Sample Size
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Physicians Formula Gel Liner - Black
Sleek Bad Girl Palette - Noir, Rebel, Innocence
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Duo - My Bedford
NYX JEP - Milk
LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer
Coastal Scents Glitter - Silver Hologram
Prestige Eyeliner - White
Maybelline Turbo Mascara
NYC Ultra Moist Lip wear - Chiffon (Discontinued D:)

Now on a more serious note, most of you probably already heard about Sonja from her blog because I know that a lot of people who follow me also follow her. But if you didn't know, you should. Sonja, from The Beautiful Life of the Girl Next Door, has contracted Colon Cancer, she found out last week and had surgery yesterday. I just want you all to pray for her and her family and hope that she has a healthy recovery. She is an amazing woman and I know she will beat this. If you wan to learn more or hear it straight from her click HERE


  • kayla sutherland said...

    I love this look, I've always want to try using loose glitter in a makeup look, is it hard or messy?

  • Kassie K said...

    Thank you ^.^ It isn't hard but it is messy. I transferred the glitter into little 5 gram jars, but I filled them up to much so now they overflow every time I got to use them :/

  • Corina's Makeup Playground said...

    Gorgeous make-up, and that Silver Hologram Glitter looks fantastic!!! I love this type of looks, simple but with a "POP!".

    Anyway, do you have a post about these Glitters, or other looks using them? How long do they last on your eyelids?  I love how this one looks and I would love to try it, but I usually hate to work with glitters... so this is going to be very a hard decision :)))

  • said...

    yaaay! you did it! and I knew it would turn out fabulous! 
    This darkened purple looks amazing for smokey eyes, and especially to your eye colour!
    And what a good idea to add glitter near the tear duct! So up-lifting!
    And Kassie, thanks for the link love it warms the heart of the make up junkie that I am haha!

    But poor her, I read her blog and had to sit down for a couple of minutes, realizing it all.
    Hope she will get through it./Azure

  • Kassie K said...

    I am planning on doing a review of these glitters very soon. I have done one other look using the green glitter which you can find here:

    I think that it all depends on the base you use when applying glitters. A sticky base is always better because the glitter needs something to stick to. I use LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer but you could also use clear eyelash glue :)

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