Happy Valentines Day :)

Feb 13, 2012 20 comments
Hey guys! I'm not really a big fan of V-day, it's over-commercialized, expensive and redundant. Plus you all know my aversion to pink xD But I got an email the other day from a follower requesting a Valentines day look so I whipped one out for you guys :) I have actually worn this look twice :o

I mostly used Victorian Disco Cosmetics, which I will be doing  review of soon :D I am one of the new promotion girls for the company and it makes me so happy! It is a small indie company on Etsy run by a girl name Smashley Smash. It's all about nerdy-ness! She has a whole Sailor Moon collection of eye shadows!! More about her and Victorian Disco Cosmetics at the end of the post :D
I couldn't decide whether I wanted to do a light lip or a dark lip so I went ahead and did them both :D
Which version do you prefer?
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
La Splash Eyeshadow Sealer
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Rini, Mars
Glamour Doll Eyes - Lovers Lane
NYX JEP - Milk
Revlon Matte e/s - Vintage Lace
Physicians Formula Gel Liner - Black
NYX CGL - Disco Ball
Prestige e/l - White
Maybelline Mascara
Lip #1
NYX l/l - Current
Random Ruby Lipstick
Lip #2
Anastasia Lipgloss - Sorbet
NYC Liquid Lip Shine - Dusty Rose
"Ashley is a full-time customer service rep with a few years experience mixing her own eye shadows and blushes when she realized it was much easier than it looked. She's a anime/video game/makeup/car obsessive twerp with a lovely attachment to cheetos. She also has two cats named Hyjal and Koraline. Providing unique vegan eyeshadows that are mixed by hand in a extremely clean and dust-free environment. We do not believe in animal cruelty here, and never ever will."

How cute is that?! :D


  • Claudia Cervantes Amaya said...

    I love your looks! Was hoping you'd do a valentines look just to see what you would come up with :) My guy and I don't usually celebrate ON valentine's but I like it as a reminder for couples to do something extra nice once in a while. I just try to ignore all the cards and giant teddy bears in the aisles haha 

  • Terra said...

    I've seen those eyeshadows on Etsy before, but I'm wary about using the handmade makeup, because I can never really be sure.  I can't wait to see the reviews on them, because this will help me decide if I want to buy them or not.

  • Kassie K said...

    I can guarantee Victorian Disco is a trusted Etsy company. Ashley is very hands on with her customers and updates the process of making shadows often on Twitter. :D

  • Starryskies214 said...

    This looks gorgeous on you!  So pretty against your beautiful eyes!  I surprisingly like it with the dark lip!  I really like bold lip colors on you!

  • eyegraffiti.blogspot.com said...

    Whoa! Such amazing look! Love the glitter and the eyeliner! I think I prefer the darker lips to go with that ;)

  • justmakeitup3@blogspot.com said...

    Love the look (sparkly!) and I will definitely check out her etsy! I was just thinking that I needed to see what was new on there...

  • Xtreme MakeUp Art - Ida Aztor said...

    Ooh thank you! :D I did a tutorial on it too, so check it out if you want to :D and you are gorgeous! is that your real eye color? 

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