Alter Ego Collaboration with UrbanelyDecayed

Jan 10, 2012 15 comments
Hey guys!! I got a special look for you today! Me and a few other bloggers are being featured on UrbanelyDecayed's blog throughout the month showcasing our "Alter-Ego's". If you don't know who UrbanelyDecayed is, you should! Her name is Natalie and she is an amazing blogger! She is amazing at Nail Art and crazy colorful looks, so defiantly check her out!

I am really curious if you guys will be able to figure out what my Alter Ego is :D I struggled with it a lot but love the results! It is totally NOT ME! lol
So were you able to figure it out?! ... My alter ego is BARBIE!
I had a really difficult time trying to figure out exactly what my "alter ego" would be. I juggled with icons such as rihanna and beyonce and even Shrinkle from Sugarpill. I ended up having to ask every one of my friends and even they had a hard time coming up with something. In the end I decided to go with a Barbie inspired look because I am nothing like a barbie! 

 She is an iconic symbol of what women should be instead of being who they are. She is tall, busty and blonde. Always wears light makeup and pink. Tons and Tons of pink! She is always perky and cheerful and doesn't seem to have a sad thought in her entire being. I on the other hand am short, a brunette with a spunky attitude.

 I don't take crap from people and have a pretty bad temper at times. I am crazy and artistic and try not to give a damn about what other people think of me. I absolutely detest the color pink and hate wearing it, and honestly I don't really like looking at it. And for all these reasons is why I chose Barbie as my Alter Ego :)
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
NYX JEP in Milk
120 Palette - Baby Pink, Warm Brown, Dark Brown
Sugarpill e/s - Dollipop & Tako
Too Faced e/s - Boy Toy
Physicians Formula Gel Liner
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Ardell Fashion Lashes - 102 Demi
Random Pink Lipgloss

Here is an example of Natalie's Nail Art :D CHECK HER OUT!!
And don't forget to check out the feature on her page and reguraly check back at her blog for more looks from this series from other bloggers!


  • Unknown said...

    This is total Barbie! Love it! I was actually gonna do a like ... psycho Barbie thing for my Alter-Ego but I think I'll have to change it now. Great job, and Natalie is the best.

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