Perfectly Imperfect

Nov 12, 2011 13 comments
Hey guys! I have a sort of different post for you all today. This one is all about embracing your natural beauty and realizing that hey "everyone has flaws and that doesn't make me ugly, it makes me beautiful". One of my favorite quotes ever is "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and the most important beholder is yourself. If you don't have confidence in yourself than it will show in the way you move and behave. It isn't just about "makeup" its about looking and feeling your 100% best with and WITHOUT makeup. I will admit that I REALLY don't like the way I look without makeup, but i'm not dependent on it, I can leave the house without it. Granted I hate doing that xD But makeup is more of an artform rather than just "looking good", at least for me it is.

There is a Topic on the Beautylish forums called "Nobody is Perfect" and I would really love if each of you participated and took a photo of yourself with and without makeup and POST it! What are your flaws and what do you love about them and yourself? You can find the post here. Beautylish even did a full article about it and all of the staff participated, you can check that out here

My flaws:
Dark under eye circles
Veiny lids
Red skin
Uneven brows(one of them is higher than the other & shaped different xD)

Things I love:
My eye color
My cheek bones
My nose
My lip shape(not too fond of the color)

Flawz - Caitlin Crosby

I REALLY hope you guys do this! Whether it be on your blog or on the forum topic ♥ And if you do drop me links! I wanna see & read yours posts!


  • EyeGraffiti said...

    this definitely got me thinking! But I always like the power of make up since you can choose to wear a lot or very little and still get changes!
    And flaws is good (I have a lot of them!) because then you'll keep the feet on the ground...

  • Anonymous said...

    I don't love my flaws but I dont hate them either :)

  • Mars said...

    Ow wow that's so cool! I did it too once: :) it's terrible to see the big difference!

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