NYX Haul & Swatches!

Nov 2, 2011 14 comments
I got an ULTA gift card for my birthday and I JUST got around to swatching what I bought! I love NYX soooo freaking much(mostly cause of the cheap prices & unique products). I got quite a bit of Jumbo Pencils, Candy Glitter Liners, a couple Lip Liners & one Liquid Liner :)
First up :) Jumbo Eye Pencils!
Milk( I use this in almost every single look as a brow highlight)
Black Bean(I like using this as a dark base, but it tends to crease on me even with a primer. It's only this shade of JEP too, I don't know why, seems like I'm the only one with this problem xD)
Pots & Pans( I like using this as a base for metallic looks)
Lime( I used this in my Tiana look)
Rocky Mountain Green(Haven't gotten the chance to try this out yet, but sooo pretty!)
Electric Blue(Same with this one)
Purple Velvet(and this one xD)
Left to Right: Milk, Black Bean, Pots & Pans, Lime, Rocky Mountain Green, Electric Blue, Purple Velvet

Now some Candy Glitter Liners :)
Gold( I also used this in my Tiana look)
Disco Ball( I used this in my Silver Glitteratti look :D)
Lavender(Have yet to use this one)
Jade(used this in my second Ariel look)
Left to Right: Gold, Disco Ball, Lavender, Jade

A few lip liners :)
Current(used in my Witch look)

Dolly Pink(used in my Breast Cancer look)
Current, Dolly Pink

And lastly I got one liquid liner :D
Studio Liner in Extreme Blue
OMG how gorgeous is this?? AND This is exactly how it looks on the eye! The only think I don't like about this line(although it can be a plus) is that its hard to remove because of its staying power!

So that's all I got with my Ulta gift card! What are your favorite NYX products??


  • Eden-Avalon said...

    I'm going to review two of their matte lipsticks, which I really love. I have a love-hate relationship with their round lippies. One thing I really do appreciate is their white eye primer!

  • Lissi said...

    You aren't kidding about that blue liner being hard to take off. I own it too. It's so beautiful and electric. But OMG I practically have to scrub my eyelid raw just to take it off. It's some powerful stuff! LOL!

  • Menie said...

    OMG that last liner!!

    And I have the same problem with the Black Bean JEP! No matter how little I use, no matter what primer or base goes under, it creases like crazy!

  • Anonymous said...

    I have the same problem with NYX's Black Bean JEP. No matter what I do it ends up creasing, but I still use it as a dark base since it just looks so darn good.

  • Kassie said...

    @Menie & Anonymous: Im glad to hear Im not the only one! What I have been using lately, instead of the jumbo pencil, is a black gel liner. It does the same thing without the creasing, but you have to blend it out fast before it dries.

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