Makeupbee & Violent Lips Collab!! Part 1

Oct 13, 2011 16 comments
I have been a bad bad blogger! A whole 5 days since I last posted! I don't know what is wrong with me xD But I have some exciting news, which you have probably already figured out by the title lol. Makeupbee has asked me to participate with another Collab with them and Violent Lips! I swear Makeupbee is the best website ever!
It's actually kind of a funny story, a few days before Tiomi emailed me about the collaboration, I was on YouTube and was watching a video by Vintage or Tacky. She was reviewing and showing you how to use Violent Lips lip tattoos, and right then and there I said "OMG those are sooo freaking cool! I want!" And then, Tiomi emailed me and sent me two designs! I was beyond thrilled!
Link to the video:

These are so cool! They are basically a temporary tattoo for your lips! You cut and shape them to your lips, remove the clear plastic, place them on your lips, apply water and BAM your lips are glamifyed! And there are sooooo many different designs to choose from, I had a hard time deciding. But I finally decided on Silver Glitteratti and The Red Fishnet.

The packaging is really simple, just a cute black envelope with three lip tattoos inside, plus directions. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS!! These are kinda testy, I messed up a little bit on the shape of them and I followed the directions very carefully, luckily if you do mess up, they come off really easy with makeup remover(or I just peeled mine off after about an hour - so I can't say if they hold up to the claim of lasting up to 4 hours) and you can try again since one purchase comes with three tattoos :)
Lip Tattoo
The backside - shows you were to cut
Front of the directions - SOOO many cute ones!
The actual directions(click to read)

So you get three tattoos for 15 USD, not a bad price in my opinion. I really wouldn't wear these out of the house though unless it was halloween or I was doing a photoshoot or something. But they are super adorable and fun to play with and have. 

They do feel really awkward on the lips though. They are pretty smooth in texture but the actually feeling of  them on your lips is much like having a sticker or glue on your lips, very uncomfortable. So I personally woulddn't wear these for an extended amount of time. Although they did hold up pretty well when I ate, slight peeling, nothing too major. have a tutorial on how to apply them on their YouTube channel so I recommend checking that out!)

And don't forget to check out Makuepbee and become a member!

Now onto the look I created especially for Silver Glitteratti(The Red Fishnet look will be coming soon!)
No Flash
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Physicians Formula Gel Liner - Black
  • NYX JEP - Milk
  • NYX e/s
    • Black(lid & crease)
    • Grey(blending)
  • Sugarpill e/s - Tako(highlight)
  • Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner
  • Loreal HiP Chrome Eyeliner - Silver Lightning
  • NYX Candy Glitter Liner - Disco Ball
  • Maybelline Turbo Mascara 
  • Salon Perfect Falsies - Romantic
  • Violent Lips - Silver Glitteratti
What do you guys think of these lip tattoos? Would you try them out? If so what designs would you want??


  • Unknown said...

    I chose these ones too!!! So cool to see them on you. Love it, definitely inspiring me to do something fun like you did here. My favorite part is the glitter on the outside corners of your eyes. Stunning!

  • Miss R. said...

    I love your eye makeup! I'm still on the fence about the lip tattoos, there is something kinda off about them. They always looked like they were photoshopped on! How did they feel on your lips??

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