Review: Lancome Le Crayon Khol Pencil Liner

Sep 6, 2011 5 comments
Product Description: Create a sensual, intense eye look with ease. This smudgy, creamy-smooth eye pencil delivers a dose of decadent color that glides on effortlessly and blends beautifully. In an instant, eyes are perfectly lined, defined and contoured for a smoldering effect that’s absolutely irresistible.
So this is a good liner, but nothing special, and for the price tag($24.50), it better be special for me to want to repurchase it. I mean there isn't anything negative about this liner but there isn't anything that is all that great, Just your standard pencil liner. It didn't last very long on the waterline by itself, but when set with a shadow it lasted for double time. Since this is a pencil liner(and isn't meant to stay perfectly precise like liquid liner) I decided to do a simple eye with smudged liner to test this out. 
A little bit of nude shadow on the lid, brown in the crease, liner smudged on top, bottom and waterline. I also used a bit of the crease color to smudge out the liner
After 5 hours
As you can see, there isn't too much of a difference between the photos, which is a good thing. This liner didn't migrate too much(mostly towards the tear duct), it stayed on the waterline no problem with only a little fading. Overall this is a good liner, but nothing too special.

  • Stay put all day(for the most part)
  • Smudges really nice
  • Over priced( I would understand more if it was creamier with more colors but its not)
  • Nothing that special, you can easily find a liner that does the same thing for much cheaper
I hope this was helpful, have a great day!


  • Unknown said...

    Good, honest review. Just how I like 'em! This does seem really over priced for the product though. I'm sure $20.00 of that pricetag is for the LANCOME on the side of it.

  • EyeGraffiti said...

    haha lancome is always over-priced! Don't really see what they do that for, beacause they don't have anything that stands out. Lancome is more old-lady-brand for me.
    The only thing I own from Lancome is my beloved brow-pencil, but then again... boring colour.

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