It's Time To Get Crackin!!

Sep 19, 2011 11 comments
Hey guys!! I am finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought a crackle nail polish!! I have been wanting one soooo bad for ever but I really didn't want to buy one from China Glaze, because it's kinda pricey for me and the crackles are always sold out. So when Sally Hansen released their crackles I was so happy, but just like the China Glaze ones, they were always sold out! But I stumbled on them when I went to wally mart a few days ago, and it was the last black polish, and of coarse I HAD to snatch it up!!
So I have Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Base Coat, SH Xtreme Wear in White Out, SH Crackle in Ink Splatter and Seche Vite :D I love this manicure so much, I am so happy to finally have a crackle polish! I can't wait to start layering over top other colors, so much fun!!

What are your favorite crackle polishes, and what colors do you want in crackle form??
Have an amazing day!


  • Ami said...

    Im so glad you're happy with the crackle. Im not a big crackle fan myself honestly but there WAS 1 occasion I was and that was with the China Glaze. Not sure if you saw the hot pink crackle they had? Its so different, I love it. Anyway, good luck with your crackle creations! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  • Leelo said...

    I like crackle polishes. I at the moment have two crackle polishes (in white and in pink) by Depend. I really have to buy some more, beacuse they looks just so great.

  • Unknown said...

    I don't own any myself because my nails are miserable but I hope you do a halloween colored crackle with like BRIGHT orange polish. That would be so cool!

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