Inspired: Rose Shock

Sep 23, 2011 17 comments
If you follow SugarPill on Facebook or Makeupbee, you probably know who the latest talent is, Rose Shock aka Tanja! She is absolutely amazing, she does wonders with makeup!! I absolutely LOVE her work! She is only 17 years old! This girl is going places! If you don't know who she is, you need to!
I love her work so much, and I was so inspired by here that I HAD to recreate one of her looks! The one I decided to recreate is something she calls "Nothing Special" HA! Nothing special my a** It's AMAZING!
You can see her look here on Makeupbee

And here is my interpretation of the look. I actually did two versions, one with falsies and one without. I orginaly did it without falsies but quickly realized, this look NEEDED falsies! So I did it again using Velour :D
Check out Tanja!! I only hope to one day be as good as her! ♥


  • ami said...

    wow.. i've never heard of her but her look is intense! in a good way. i love your recreation of her look! i think you did an amazing job; i wouldnt even know where to begin! lol

  • artlook4u said...

    love the colors, the look is amazing. you did it well, just your eyebrow was a little bit messy :)

    And Tanija does just WOW makeups, I'm speechless... :)

  • Miss R. said...

    Dude I've been following her obsessively. She is just.. amazingblowingmymindincredible. I did a her Barbie Kills Ken look, looked amazing. It almost makes me want to shave off my eyebrows so I can have that much space to work with. Almost.

  • Drowsy Albatross said...

    She is very talented. She is going to have no problem getting work! Wish it was that easy for all of us!

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