Simple Gothic

Aug 23, 2011 9 comments
Now, this post isn't like most of my posts(and has nothing to do with the Disney Princess Series), instead of showing you guys the makeup, I am showing you photos that I took. When I took them, I wasn't really focusing on capturing the makeup(cause it's really quite simple), but instead I was trying to create photos that had emotion and were more "artsy" than just simple photos of makeup. I would really love your opinions on them :D

It was actually really fun, I hadn't planned on doing this at all. When I got home around lunch time, I was a little bored and decided to play with some lipstick combinations. I ended up using Hard Candy's Take Me Out Liner in Geisha as a lip liner and Covergirl's Lip Perfection in Embrace. I really found that using the purple liner underneath helped the lipstick stay true to the color in the tube which was quite nice since I have been struggling with finding the right combo with that lipstick. Anyways I put the lipstick on and instantly felt like a bad-ass, so I blasted the Lady Gaga and kind of had a mini photo shoot. I took around 300 something odd photos and these two are my favorites. And yes I did heavily Photoshop both pictures. I was just playing around and having fun with it.

Also for the eyes, all I did was apply a skin toned shadow to the lid & used it to blend. Then I applied a dark brown(my brow color) to the crease and blended it up. I applied a black pencil liner to the top and bottom lash lines and waterlines and smudged it out with the dark brown using a pencil brush.

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Anyways I hope you like it and I hope you are having an amazing week!!


  • Veronica said...

    OMG Kassie! This is totally different from what I'm used to seeing from you, but I freakin' LOVE it! As you may know, I loooove dark looks, and this is undeniably beautiful and perfect. I'd love to see more looks like this in the future. Once again, you never fail to impress me! :)

  • Unknown said...

    Pardon my French Kassie but HOLY FUCK! I know it can be hard to express how much I love these because I'm always so enthusiastic about all your looks but this style suits you so, so, so well. Even from the thumbnail in the blogger dashboard I was awestruck by how pretty these pictures are. Photoshop or not, these look like professional makeup/fashion adverts. I have a folder called Pretty Pictures of People and these are going in there immediately. You should change your avatar to that first B/W shot.

    Seriously, these are gorgeous.

  • Starryskies214 said...

    Dude. These pictures are AMAZING!!! I love the artsy pictures and these are incredible! I need to learn how to photoshop too! Beautiful!! I think you should frame the second picture or it should be on some sort of album cover or something.

  • EyeGraffiti said...

    well couldn't say anything less than you've taken some really nice photos. And I think the make ups was very good. And they suited you so well!
    But isn't it curious how it looks like you've got almost nothing in your face when taking photos in black and white!?

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