Aug 10, 2011 6 comments
Makeupbee is a new social networking site for beauty's who love beauty!! It was started up a few months ago and since has grown immensely. It is a great place to pick up inspiration from other people and learn new things about products. It almost reminds me of Facebook, the way it is set up. You have a profile, with a photo, a bio, and a basic description of your appearance. You can follow other people and like other peoples looks and it shows up on your profile. And of coarse you can upload your own looks. You can even do product reviews and like products. It is a wonderful site!! Some fellow bloggers who are also on the site that you may recognize are:
Meredith Jessica from Pigments & Palettes
Natalie from NOTD
Just to name a few :D
Long story short, if your not on Makeupbee your should be!! Sign up here!


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