My First Milani Nail Polish!!

Jul 28, 2011 14 comments
I have had my eye one Milani's Nail Polishes for quite some time now. I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and noticed they had a Milani section in the beauty department. It must have been new because my Wal-Mart has never sold Milani before. So I picked up Red Sparkle, its like Dorothy's shoes in a bottle! I love it! I was tied between this one and the gold glitter polish(I can't recall the name). Now that I know my Wal-Mart sells Milani I will be hopefully shortening my wishlist haha xD I am dying to try some of their eyeliners and lipsticks.
So It says it is "One Coat Glitter". That isn't necessarily true, It is VERY Opaque for a glitter polish but not with one coat. This is two coats, which is perfectly fine. This swatch is without a topcoat, you defiantly need one for this polish, as with most glitter polishes because of the rough texture of the glitter, but with a topcoat it is easily smoothed out. I am in love with this color and can't wait to get more.
And here it is with a topcoat of Seche Vite and I added a cute panda design on my ring finger :p
This is what the bottle looks like :)
Have a great day!


  • Angie said...

    Love this polish. I have the blue one, but I need the red one, even thought I really don't need another red glitter

  • Veronica said...

    I love glitter polishes (especially during the winter), but I HATE removing it, lol. BUT this is such a pretty red color and I've been dying to try these out. I always see them at CVS and I'm also so tempted!

  • Kassie said...

    @olgiepolgie: I love purple!! I might have to get that one!

    @Ronnie: OMG I totally agree with you!! They are such a pain in the ass to remove!!

  • Mandy said...

    That polish is screaming CHRISTMAS!!! to me, hahaha! I love rich, red polishes. And I am having a love affair with glitter recently so this polish is the bomb dot com.

  • Anonymous said...

    i have the blue one... i love the look of it, but the glitter is so coarse! it's really a pain to get it off, and it has a weird texture so i need to use a topcoat with it. <3

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