Swatches: Almay Intense i-color Palettes

Jun 17, 2011 10 comments
Hey guys! Long time no post, it was just gosh awful. Today is actually the first time I have gotten online since my surgery. I am still resting and my cheeks are swelled up like balloons! I am still in a bit of pain, I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia which made the first night after gawd awful! But I am finally starting to feel better and your good luck wishes made me smile :)
Now onto the post! These past few weeks I have been gradually swatching Almay's Intense i-color Palettes for you guys. I have three of them, two for brown eyes and one for hazel. Ironically I don't have brown or hazel eyes, I have blue! These palettes are supposed to enhance your eye color(they also have mascara's and liners to match). I am not sure if they do that since I didn't buy the ones for my eye color, but they are good quality shadows. They are soft, easy to work with, and for the most part, well pigmented.

The first palette is for brown eyed babes. It contains three shades of purple, a very light lavender, a soft lilac, and a deep violet. All three colors are gorgeous when swatched, but I felt they fell short when applied. They are supposed to be for dramatic wear but they look more neutral on the eyes. None-the-less it is still a good palette.

The next palette is also for brown eyed babes, but for day time wear. I have a few complaints about this palette: 1) the highlight shade is too dark 2) the purple shade is too sheer, it took about 6 layers to get decent pigmentation 3) the brown is the best color BUT I feel that is a little to light to add the right amount of contrast(but that's just me). But this is a good palette for day wear.

The third palette is my favorite! It is meant for hazel eyes and dramatic wear. All the colors are very pigmented and easy to work with. And seriously, look at that green! It's gorgeous! The perfect smokey eye in this tiny little palette :)

So I hope this was helpful for you guys! These palette retail between 3-6 bucks at most drugstores and are a pretty good find for drugstore shadows. I was really being picky, just because that's how I am sometimes. But these really are good palettes, especially if you are just starting to wear makeup or just starting to get into the art of it.

Have a great weekend!


  • Anonymous said...

    I have all of these and love them! I mean they're not too bad for drugstore eyeshadows...hehehe...great review and swatches! :)

  • Unknown said...

    Ouch, that does not sound fun at all but I'm glad you're back on your feet and feeling better. I'm always impressed with your blending, even in your 'simpler' looks. These are all very pretty. The first purple one reminds me a lot of your 'otherworldly' look you did a little while back.

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