Review: Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette "Blue Had Me At Hello" + 3 Looks

Jun 1, 2011 10 comments
I got this palette about a week ago and was pretty impressed with it. It has some gorgous colors, I actually had a hard time deciding which palette to get, all of them had gorgous colors. But in the end I chose the blue one because I don't really do that many blue looks, and I was in a blue A good blue mood. :)
There is eight colors in one of these palettes, and they are approximatly four dollars each. That is 50 cents for each eyeshadow, you can't beat that! That is an amazing price! The first row contains a shimmery white, Silver, Shimmery Dark Blue, and a Matte Black. The Second row Contains a shimmery light sky blue, shimmery jade, medium shimmery blue, and a matte black with glitter chunks. The pigmentation on these was pretty suprising for the shimmery colors when swatched, and even more suprising for the matte colors when used on the eye. The darker matte colors seemed to have less color payoff when swatched but when I applied them to my eye I found alitttle went a long way.
The shimmery white is a very nice color, reminds me quite a bit of NYX White Pearl and the shimmery white form the Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette. The silver was also very nice, darker than what I was expecting but sitll very nice, very soft, and easy to use. The Dark blue on the other had, as you can see from the swatch, looks blue in the pan, but when swatched turns black, VERY dark. Way darker than I anticipated. That was slightly disappointing, but as a said befor, a little goes a long way with the darker colors. I was especially impressed with the black, it was way more opaque than I expected it to be. Any drug store black shadows that I have tried have been crap, so this was a pleasing suprise.
 This is the look I created using the first row of the palette, I placed the shadows as the pan tells you to with the exception of the silver on the lower lashline.
I originally thought that the second row would be my favorite, but after using all of the shadows, I found that the first row was my favorite, but then again, Im a sucker for But the second row is very nice. I was a little skeptical that the highlight color was a baby blue, but it works. The baby blue is a very nice highlighter, a fair amound of shimmer but not overpowering and very soft and easy to work with. The jade color was also VERY nice, very soft and very easy to work with. The medium blue is actually blue, unlike the dark blue which transferrs black. So that was a plus and it was failrly easy to use. The last color, matte black with glitter, looks absolutly GORGOUS in the pan, and even when swatched, but the glitter sadly dosn't transfer when you use it one the eye. That color was primarily why I chose this palette, it was just so beatiful, so I was slightly let down with that color, but the fact that there are two blacks and the other is very good, made up fro my disapointment. :)
This is the second look I created using the palette, I placed all the colors as directed.
And this is the last look I created using this palette, I took on a more creative approach to this last look, placing the colors wherever I wanted. So on the inner half of the lid I have the sky blue, on the outer half of the lid I have the jade, in the crease I have the medium blue, the outer crease I have the dark blue, and the outer v I have the black. For the highlight I applied the shimmery white.

So overall I really like this palette, I mean it isn't AMAZING, but it isn't bad. It is actually pretty good considering the brand and the price. I give this palette a solid four stars in my book.

  • Easy to use
  • good Pigmentation
  • Cheap
  • Inconsistant Texture(the darker colors are rougher than the lighter colors)
  • Flimsy Plastic Packaging
  • Color in the pan isn't quite what you get with a few colors(the dark blue & black with glitter)
CONGRADULATIONS!! If you have made it to the bottom of this post, you are a brave warrior! I can't believe how much I wrote ha!

Anyways, I REALLY do hope this was helpful! Have a nice day! :)


  • JC ♔ said...

    Those are amazing pics/swatches/looks. You did much better than I did at making the shadow work, that's for sure.

    I love the second look the most, but they're all lovely.

  • Unknown said...

    I think it's the mark of a talented artist when you can produce consistently great work regardless of your tools and resources.

    You should try more blue looks, they look lovely on you.

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