Tutorial: Sailor Mercury

May 7, 2011 6 comments
This look was one of my favorites from the Sailor Moon Series, I loved the way it turned out and I am proud to present . . . A tutorial!! haha. The next tutorial after this one will be Sailor Moon(I believe), and then I will be done doing tutorials for that series unless someone else requests one. :) Now onto the tutorial!
As always, start with a clean canvas

Ha, when I was editing the photo's together I accidentally misplaced the steps. It is supposed to be 1. Concealer 2. Brush 3. Powder and 4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance(or any other eyeshadow base you have)

Then put down a sticky silver base all over the lid. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pots & Pans

Then apply a black sticky base to the inner and outer corners. I used NYX JEP in Black Bean

Then I blended it inward with a brush like the one shown

Then I applied a white sticky base to the brow bone and blended it out with my finger. I used NYX JEP in Milk

Now, onto the shadows. The first I used is Irises from NYX(applied with my finger). But you can use any blue similar to the one pictured. Not that the silver base will make it appear slightly darker, but don't fret, we will fix that

Then put a slightly darker blue into the crease using a fluffy dome brush. The blue I used was from the 120 palette, I would describe it as a true blue
After that, using the same brush, apply a darker purple blue to the inner and outer corners only, and make sure to blend it.(120 palette)

The apply a matte black shadow(same brush)(NYX Black), again to the inner and outer corners. But this time closer to the edges, you still want to be able to the the purple blue

Now apply a light sky blue to blend out any harsh lines(120 palette)

Then using a large shadow brush(pictured in step one), apply a matte white shadow to the brow bone(NYX White), to highlight and to bring down the color if you went up to high

Now, apply a shimmery white shadow to the center of the lid. I used my finger and the Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette

Then on top of the shimmery white, apply a silver glitter liner, and blend it out with your fingers by patting it in the areas you want it. Make sure not to open your eyes until the liner is dry or it will crease all your shadows. The liner I used is NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Silver(my fav!)

Now apply the same three sticky bases to the lower lash line. The black one on the inner and outer corners, the silver throughout, and the white in the center

Then repeat the steps for the shadows on the lower lash line. The order from left to right is: Black, Purple blue, True Blue, Irises, Shimmery White & Silver Glitter on top, Irises, True Blue, Purple Blue, and Black. I used a pencil brush like the one pictured for this step

Now line your upper lash line with a pencil liner or a black shadow and a liner brush. Then tight line both the top and bottom waterlines

Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara

For the lips I just used NYC Ultra Moist Lip wear in Chiffon, which is a light pearly pink.

And your done!

I have some questions for you guys:
  1. Does my method of tutorials work for you? Am I conveying the information needed for you to recreate it?
  2. If not how can I improve?
  3. Are my descriptions of color placement & color shade accurate?
  4. Should I show more pictures? Maybe a full shot of the palettes showing wear the colors are located and maybe a color placement chart?
I really want you guys to be able to recreate and learn from these tutorials, that's why I do them. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Have an awesome day!


  • Kimberly said...

    I really enjoy your tutorials, and have been able to follow them well! I love that you show the color of the eyeshadow next to the step, because often I am substituting something I think is similar.

  • makeup by danisaddiction said...

    I love your tutorials too...I write (in my holygrail handbook...thanks hehe) down the steps and colors, etc. I think you do a great job and they are really easy to follow. I think you do a great job explaning the color shades too...I love that. The only advice I can give is to do more tutorials! =D

  • Donna said...

    You've already done the Sailor Moon tutorial..?

    Also I love how you do them. I love that you show what you're using so that we can look for a dupe of it if we don't have exactly what you're talking about.

  • Kassie said...

    @ Donna: No I have not done the Sailor Moon tutorial, but I will. I'll probably take the photos this weekend and have them up by monday of next week :)

    Thank you all for the posative feedback! The reason I am asking is because I havn't actually asked your opinions of the tutorials since I started doing them

    @Danis: You comment made me smile! I will definatly be making more tutorials!

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