Tutorial: Acid Green & Hot Pink

May 30, 2011 3 comments
Hey girlie's! I did this look a few weeks ago for mothers day, and if you didn't know already, Acid green is my all time favorite color. I love all shades of green, but I just have a soft spot for those exceptionally bright! lol So I decided to do a tutorial for it. I took the photos for this tutorial a while back, and am just getting around to uploading it. I will also have a review for Wet n Wilds 8 pan eyeshadow palette up soon as well as the start to my next series, so keep an eye out if your interested :)

Start with a clean eye :)

Then, as always, cover up any skin discoloration or veins that may interfere with the outcome of the shadows by using concealer and setting it with powder. Then apply a nice eyeshadow base to make shadows last longer and appear more vibrant.
I used Kirkland by Borghese Mineral Exact Match Concealer, Palladio Rice Powder, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Then apply a green sticky base all over the lid. The one I used is pretty sheer, you can use a more opaque one if you like, but this is really just to give something the shadows to stick to without compromising the color of the shadow. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lime

Now take a matte yellow chartreuse and apply it to the inner half of the lid. This shadow looks a lot more yellow in the photos than it does in person, it is from the 120 palette.

Next take a matte bright blue based green and apply it to the outer half of the lid. The one I used is from the 120 palette

Now take a fluffy dome brush and a matte true green eyeshadow and apply it to the crease, blending it as you go. The shadow I used is from the 120 palette.

Using the same brush, apply a matte dark green shadow to the outer crease, blending it into the true green. This shadow is also from the 120 palette.

Again, using the same brush apply a matte black eyeshadow to the outer v.
I used Black from NYX

Picking up some more of the dark green shadow, blend the black into the other shadows.

Using the same brush, apply the same bright blue based green along the edge of the shape, blending it upwards towards the brow bone.

Repeat the same process with the yellow chartreuse shadow.

Then apply a white sticky base to the tear duct and brow bone, blend it out with your finger then set it with a matte white shadow using a large shadow brush like the one shown(sorry the picture is so small xD) I used White from NYX

Line the upper lash line with a black liquid liner and the lower waterline with a black pencil liner. Both are form Revlon Colorstay

Now using a pencil brush like the one shown take all the shadows and apply them darkest to lightest from left to right: Black, Dark Green, True Green, Bright Blue Based Green, Yellow Chartreuse, and White.

Finish off the eyes with your favorite mascara and fill in your brows. I used Maybelline Turbo & Stiletto(not pictured) mascaras. The Turbo is for volume & Stiletto is for length.

For the lips, block out your natural lip color using concealer and set that with powder. This is especially important because we are going to be wearing a bright lip color and we don't want to compromise the color in any way.(sorry my lips look so gross, chapped lips, I'm guilty lol)

Then line & fill in your lips with a bright pink lip liner. The one I used is Wine from Love My Lips.

Then apply a bright pink lipstick on top, the pink I chose is blue based. It is Divine from Cover Girl Lip Perfection

Then finish off the lips with a nice pink lip gloss. The one I used is NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Dusty Rose(sadly this color was discontinued)

And your done!

Have a great day! If you have any requests for a tutorial comment below or email me at uniquedesiredesigns@yahoo.com :)


  • Unknown said...

    Very cool look, you wear it very well. I can see why you love green so much.

    Curious to know how you decide which colors and how many colors to use for your looks. You have such a good sense of color/value/shading.

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