Swatches: Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette + 2 looks

May 23, 2011 10 comments
Yup, that's right, I swatched ALL 88 Shadows from the Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette. It took FOREVER! lol But I really had fun doing it and seeing all the colors, it gave me some pretty good inspiration :P There is also two looks at the end of the post using the palette, So I hope this is helpful! Now onto the swatches :)

I swatched them by column, and to make it easier to locate the shadows I numbered them. ALL the shadows in this palette have a metallic finish to them(which is why I bought it). It has a lot of neutral colors, so its perfect for adding that extra something to a neutral look. There is only about two or three bright colors in this palette, so if you love brights, this probably isn't for you. Also I want to mention, if you are getting this to find a good silver shadow, skip it because It only has one silver and it is brown based, not a true silver. But I do really like this palette! All the colors are gorgeous :)

In the fist column there are mostly pinks, one white(my fav!) and one brown.

The second column has all warm colors such as golds, coppers and browns.

The third column has a mixture of colors, a few warm copper colors, a Burgundy color, browns, and a nice moss green.

The fourth column also has a mixture of colors such as browns, a silver(a brown based), greens, and one blue(for some reason the swatch looks silver but trust me it is blue)

The fifth column has mostly warm browns with a few cool colors thrown in

The sixth column has mostly pinks and purples and one orange

The seventh column is one of my favorites, its full of purples! I love purple xD

The eighth column has some more pinks and golden colors

The ninth column again, has some pinks, some purples, and some Orange golden colors

The tenth column has A LOT of pinks, whenever I use pink its always from this column, lol. There are also some Orange colors in there

The eleventh column (and the last) has a few cool toned neutral colors, a few coppers, and a pink and a purple.

I really hope these swatches are helpful!! Now I want to show you some looks I did using this palette, so you can really see them in action :)

 The first look I did back in December of last year when I first got the palette.
And the second look I just did today

I hope this will help you decide whether or not this palette is for you :)

I will also be swatching all of my Almay shadows, my Too Faced Shadows and my NYX Shadows, so look out for that :)

Have a great day!


  • Unknown said...

    I have this CS palette but I never seem to use it. I think this might inspire me to try a full look with it!

    P.S. - What kind of camera/editing do you use for your shots, the tone and color quality is always so on point.

  • Samantha said...

    I've wanted the palette for a while now but keep putting it off because I have the Mirage palette and I feel like a lot of the colors are similar. But those purples and browns are to die for so I think I will take the plunge next time I get a little extra cash.

    Thanks for doing these swatches! It's super helpful!

  • Kassie said...

    @Meredith Jessica: The Camera I use is the Canon EOS Rebel T1i and for editing(I just increase the brightness/contrast and resize my images) I use Photoshop CS. Hope this helps :) Btw love your blog!
    @Diva Makeup Queen: Thank you so much!
    @Dani: I thought you might like that row, Miss purple queen ;)
    @Samantha: I am SOOOO happy that you found this helpful! Thank you for looking at them :)

  • kellie said...

    Wow! There are some GORGEOUS colors in that! And they're all so VIBRANT and BRIGHT! Did you use a primer for your swatches or is them on their own? If they're shadows only, I bet they go to a-whole-nother level in brightness. Your looks are gorgeous too!! Thanks so much!

    PS - are they really "scented" or is that just a clever name .. if it is just named "coastal scents", I don't get the connection between the shadows, themselves, and the name.

  • Bitchin Beauty said...

    Sadly, it's seriously lacking in green shades. Otherwise I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing the swatches. It saved me from big disappointment had I bought it :-)

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