Swatches: All of my NYX eyeshadows!

May 29, 2011 5 comments
I have been so excited to swatch all of these for you guys! I have 28 NYX eye shadows, but the sad thing is I always forget about them. Well except for my favorites( I keeps those in a different area). They are really gorgeous colors, the only thing I don't like about them is they are pretty hit n miss. Some are VERY good, pigmented, smooth shadows while others are patchy, chalking and have no color payoff. But I will tell you the good from the bad from my collection. So here we go :)
1. Africa is a bright orange based red, its a very pretty color. It has great color payoff and has a smooth texture. It has a matte finish.
2. Sunrise is very similar to Africa. It is a dark pink based red with yellow & orange glitter, though you can't see the glitter in the swatch it is there. This also has a matte finish.
3. Cherry is a red based pink. I bought this color because Marlena from MUG said it was a good red shade, I was very disappointed to find that it was PINK. lol But it still is a nice color, it has a slight frost finish.
4. Rust is one of my favorite NYX shadow, it is a dark burnt red with a metallic finish. It is smooth and very easy to work with. A little will go a long way with this shadow.
5. Hot Orange is a bright orange shadow with yellow glitter. I really don't like this color(contrary to what it looks like xD I have used a lot of it back when I didn't have a good orange). It is chalky, chunky, rough, hard to work with and has bad color pay off. I had to swatch it five times to get the consistency you see above. I would say to defiantly skip this shadow.
6.Yellow Marigold is a gorgeous burnt yellow/orange with a metallic finish. Its almost a golden color. I really like this color, it is smooth, easy to work with and has great color payoff.
7. Chick is a soft pastel yellow with a frosty finish. This is a good shadow, nothing bad about it, I'm just not a huge fan of the color. So I personally don't use it much but it is a good shadow, very smooth and easy to work with.

8. Lime Juice is one of my favorite colors, it is a yellow based lime green. I love it, it has a frosty finish, easy to work with, smooth, and has pretty good color payoff.
9. Lime Green is not lime green. It is more like a muted grass green to me. Its blue based. It has the same finish and texture as Lime Juice.
10. Kiwi is a gorgeous grass green color. It has the same texture as the other two but the color payoff isn't as good.
11. Herb is another one of my favorite colors, its a brown based olive green. Its pretty dark, but super pretty. It has a metallic finish and a smooth texture, very easy to work with. LOVE!

12. Sweet Lagoon is another one of my favorites. Its a very light grey sky blue. It is smooth, soft, and easy to work with. It has a matte finish and is perfect for blending out darker blue colors or as a highlight.
13. Aqua is a gorgeous soft blue with a purple base. It has a slight frosty finish, very easy to work with. It has a similar texture as Lime Juice.
14. Ocean is a gorgeous turquoise color. It leans more on the blue side and it is darker than the average turquoise. It has a frosty finish & has a similar texture as Herb.
15. Jungle Fever is a green based jade, its very light and pretty easy to work with. I haven't used it much, maybe one or two times. I'm not really sure why, but it is a good color.
16. Irises is one my faves, it is a bright baby/turquoise blue. It has a matte finish with glitter chunks in it. Its not the most opaque color but I don't have another color like it, which is why I like it so much. Its very easy to work with and has a similar texture to Sunrise.
17. Lankai is a gorgeous color in concept. But the texture is just AWFUL! As you can see from the swatch, its chunky, its patchy, it just is a nightmare to work with. I would defiantly SKIP this color, although it is gorgeous it is just about impossible to work with
18. Morocco is another one of my favorites. Its a gorgeous blue/purple with a metallic finish. The more you blend it the more purple it looks. Its very easy to work with and I absolutely love it.

19. Purple is a red based purple with a frosty finish. I love this color, its super soft, blendable, easy to work with and gorgeous. LOVE
20. Deep Purple is a darker version of Purple with a slight more blue base. It has the exact same texture and works the same.
21. Prune is a dark pink color with slight purple hues. This also has the same texture as the other two purple colors
22. Violet is a darker version of Prune with a different texture. It isn't as opaque and it is harder to work with. I personally NEVER use this color and probably never will. I would opt for Prune before I pick up this color.

23. White is exactly what is says, It has a matte finish and has a very good texture. I use this color just about every single day for a highlight. Some say its chalky and its hard to use, but I find it to be the opposite, mine is smooth and very easy to use. Maybe I got a lucky
24. White Pearl is also one of my favorites(I used it so much it broke :( ). It is white with a frosty finish, almost like blue micro glitter but not quite. I love this color. :)
25. Grey is a light matte grey, it isn't very opaque but it is perfect for blending out smokey looks.
26. Silver is a light blue based silver, its about average texture. Pretty easy to use, not a bad silver, but not great. I like the one in the 120 palette better but this is a good substitute. I wouldn't cross this off your list.
27. Deep Charcoal is a gorgeous color, it really does look just like charcoal. It is a dark grey with a metallic finish. It has the same texture as White Peal, Morocco, Herb & Rust.
28. Black is just what the name is, black. A very dark, very matte black eyeshadow. I love this color, I use it almost everyday in the outer v and lower lash line. And it's perfect for smokey looks, the best black I have used yet.

And I did two looks to show them in action.
In this I used Lime Juice on the lid, Purple in the crease, Deep Purple in the outer crease, Black in the outer v, and White as a highlight.

In this I used Black on the lid, Morocco in the crease, Aqua on the lower brow bone, and White Pearl as a highlight. I did a tutorial on this look HERE

I hope this was helpful! If you have any ideas for posts you can comment below or email me at

Have a great day!


  • Tori said...

    Hey I loved this! It was super helpful! I just got a few new NYX eye shadows the other day and I loved them. I didn't see them in your list and thought maybe you would want to check them out (: Exotic Green, Sweet Oleander, Frosted Ocean,and Champagne. - they are amazing colors, and I think you'd really like them!

  • Unknown said...

    Wow, thanks for taking all the time to put together this post. Very helpful and definitely going to be purchasing some of these shades.

  • Majick said...

    dear God why did I search NYX swatches?  after seeing your post I want at least half of them. ugh... LOL
    Loved this and I really like the way you describe the colors AND textures.  This page is GREAT!

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