Skye Sweetnam Inspired & New Name!

May 4, 2011 8 comments
So I don't know if anyone has noticed(I just changed it yeseterday), but I changed the name of my blog! It is no longer called "Girtastic Glam". That name was just something I came up with on the spot that was related to my MUG name "Girtastic". I like it but it just dosnt sound very proffesional and It is kind of difficult to say. So now my blog is called "Unique-Desire". That name isnt new for me, its my DeviantArt name, Facebook name, and what I call my services "Unique Desire Designs". As for right now, my URL is still the same But I am hoping soon that It will change to and I will let you know when it does change.

Also a quick update, I might not be posting to much for the next few days. I am hardcore cramming for the SAT, which I am taking on Saturday. I am super nervous, have had several freak outs cause I feel like I am going to do really bad. I didn't prepare at all for it and now I am studying my butt off befor saturday. On monday I took a practice test and did really bad on every section, so I am really worried. All my freinds and family say I'll be fine but I am having a really hard time beleiving them. Any advice would be REALLY appreciated!

Now onto the look(I blabbed a lot!)

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • 120 pallete - light jade(lid), Jade(lid), True Blue(crease), Purple Blue(outer crease), Dark Purple(outer v), Light Blue(blending), Fuschia(inner corner)
  • NYX e/s - White(highlight)
  • NYX JEP - Milk(brow bone and tear duct)
  • NYX CGL - Jade(lid)
  • Prestige Liner - White
  • Love my Lips Lipliner - Wine
  • CoverGirl Lip Perfection - Divine
  • NYC Liquid Lipshine - Dusty Rose
Have a good day!


  • Samantha said...

    ah SATs.. Best advice is get enough sleep and don't freak out. Studying can only help so much because its not really a test you can study for since its actually testing your test-taking ability. I'm sure you know all of that though..

    I personally didn't study or prepare for mine at all, just got a lot of sleep, tried to stay calm, and I did very well.

    I'm taking the GREs for grad school in a couple months.. so I know its stressful.


  • Kassie said...

    Thank you ladies! Reading your comments is starting to calm me down. Only a few more hours and I will be taking said dreaded test. I have reveiw 3/4 of the book in a week(Cramming!ha) and I am feeling a bit more confident than befor. The only subject im worried about is math. No matter how they explain it in the book, I can't understand it.

    Thank you for your comments on the look as well :) And i'm so happy you guys like the new name!!

  • Anonymous said...

    good luck on your SAT today!! Your new name and the look posted are both fabulous!!

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