Tutorial: Sailor Mars

Apr 10, 2011 5 comments
This was requested by someone on Makeupgeek, and It is one of my favorite looks, I've worn it about four times, which normally dosnt happen. So here we go, I hope this is helpfull.

Start with a Clean Canvas! Always, Always, Always! I cannot tell you how many times a see a girl wearing smudged black eyeliner leftover from the day befor. Dont do it!

Next apply a concealer to your entire lid, to cover up an imperfections that would effect the outcome of your shadows(Ex: Veins or discoloration). Using any large eye brush, set the concealer with translucent powder. The concealer I used is CoverGirl Fresh Complextion. The powder is Palladio's Rice Powder in Translucent.

Apply an eyeshadow base, so your shadows have something to adhear to. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Then apply a bright red eyeshadow, I used my finger to apply it. The shadow is the only true red from the 120 pallete

Next, using a fluffy dome brush apply a matte black eyeshadow the the crease and blend it out. I used NYX eyeshadow in Black(I cannot live without this color, it's the perfect black)

Using the same brush, apply the same red shadow above the black color and blend.

Using the same brush, apply a matte orange shadow above the red and blend upwards. I used one of the oranges from the 120 pallete.

Using the same fluffy dome brush, apply a bright shimmery yellow on the brow bone, blending out the orange. I used the brightest yellow from the 120 palette. Work all three colors until everything is blended, but not over blended. You still want to see the distict differance between the colors. If you over blend, things can get muddy and blend into one ugly color.

Then apply a purple shadow to the inner corner of the eye and blend. I used the same fluffy brush and NYX eyeshadow in Purple

Next apply a slightly darker purple to the inner crease an blend. I used the same brush and NYX eyeshadow in Deep Purple.

Apply a white base the the tearduct of the eye and blend. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Then set it with a matte or shimmery eyeshadow, I used NYX eyeshadow in White.

Apply a black liquid liner to the top lashline. I started in the center of the lid and got thicker as I dragged it out, tappering it at the end to creat a wing. Then going back in tappering as I got closer the the tear duct. The Liner I used is Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner - Black. As you can see from the picture it is a felt tipped liner.
Then tightline the eyes using a black pencil liner. I used Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner in Black. As you can see this pencil is a retracktable pencil. But it can be whatever black pencil you have lying around.

Now using a angled liner brush, apply a purple eyeshadow to the lower lashline. I used NYX eyeshadow in Purple.

This is when I did my eyebrows, and then I finished the look off with my currant mascara, which is Maybelline's The Turbo Boost Volume Express.

For the lips, I applyed a nice nude color, NYC Liquid Lipshine in Cappuccino. But if you want this look to be a bit more bold you could apply a Pink, Red, Purple or Orange lipstick.

So I hope this was helpfull! The next tutorials are Sailor Pluto, Sailor Mercury, and the Flowe inspired look.


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