Tutorial: Flower Inspired

Apr 23, 2011 4 comments
Hey all! I did this look for last weeks challenge on www.makeupgeek.com and surprisingly I won, I totally didn't expect it. I was planning to do this tutorial even before I new I won just because I really do like this look. I tried doing this tutorial two times, the first time I totally jacked up the liner and totally ruined the whole look, so I deleted all the pictures and started over a week later, and much to my pleasure the second time worked a lot better :) So enough jibber jabber and lets get to the tutorial!

Start off with a clean canvas every time you do your makeup. No matter how tired you are, take off your makeup before you go to bed! Keeping it on will ruin your skin and cause premature wrinkles.

Then apply a concealer or foundation all of your lid and set it with a translucent powder. Then put an eyeshadow base all over the lid and anywhere else you will be putting your shadow. For this look I also put it on the lower lash line. The base I used is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but you could also use a MAC Paint Pot, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Loreal Decrease or any other base you might have lying around.

Next apply a creamy white base all over the lid, This makes the shadows more vibrant. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, make sure to blend it out so it is smooth(I just blended it with my finger)

Now we are getting into the shadows, First I applied a bright matte orange to the lid, leaving a little space near the tear duct. I used my finger to apply this color. It is one of the oranges from the 120 Palette

Again, I used my finger to apply a bright shimmery yellow shadow. Make sure you blend it into the orange so there are no harsh lines. I used a yellow from the 120 Palette

Now using a pencil brush, I applied a  pink toned Burgundy color from the 120 palette in a general shape for the cut crease.

Now using a fluffy dome brush I blended out the pink Burgundy using a color like the one pictured, using windshield whipper motions back and fourth until the two colors blend together. This color is from the Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette

Using the same fluffy dome brush I applied a hot pink from the Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette just above the last color blending upwards.

Now using the same brush I applied a more coral toned pink just above the pink blending it out and upwards. This is also from the CS 88 MM Palette

Again, same brush apply a light dolly pink to blend out the coral color. This is from the CS 88 MM Palette.

Next apply the same white base as before to your brow bone and blend it out. Then set it(same brush) with a shimmery white shadow. The one I used is from the CS 88 MM Palette.

Apply a matte black eyeshadow to the outer v using a pencil brush. Blend it out using the Burgundy color from before on a fluffy dome brush. At this time I also went in with the orange again and cleaned up the shape using the same pencil brush as before. The black shadow is Black from NYX

Now take a q-tip and some makeup remover and roll off about 1/3 -1/2 of the lid color, going thinner as you get closer to the tear duct.

Then apply either a white base or a white pencil over the area you just removed and set it with a white shadow so it stays put.

Then line the eyes with a black liquid liner, make it thinner as you get closer to the tear duct and thicker as you closer to the outer corner, flick your wrist to get the wing.

Where almost finished! Now apply the same white base to the lower lash line and blend it slightly with your finger

Using a pencil brush apply all the pinks from the crease to the lower lash line. The darkest color should be on the outer corner and the lightest should be on the inner. This is how I did mine: Black, Pink/Burgundy, CS Burgundy, Hot Pink, Coral Pink, Baby Pink, Shimmery White. Also line your waterline with a black pencil liner.

Now apply your favorite mascara :) And we're done with the eyes

Now for lips you can do what ever you want but this is what I did:

Apply a nude lip gloss/lipstick all over the lips. I used NYC Liquid Lip shine in Cappuccino which sadly is a discontinued color.

The apply a red toned lip gloss to the outer corners of the lips to make them appear fuller. I used NYC Liquid Lip shine in Cherrywood, again a discontinued color.

And your done! I hope this was helpful to you :)


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    wow!! what an awesome tutorial!! so artistic and what an awesome blend of colors! I have been wanting to get some of the palettes mentioned from coastal scents and now that I have seen them used so beautifully here, I will go ahead and order them!!!

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