Handwriting Tag & The Holy Grail

Apr 6, 2011 6 comments
So StarrySkies214 Aka The Beautiful Like of The Girl Next Door tagged me in this Handwriting Tag, I was pretty fun so here we go!

1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. What's your blog URL?
3.Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song.
6. Favorite band/singer.
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass this along to a few bloggers.

I would pass this on to other bloggers, but I would just end up passing it onto the same people Sonja picked haha!

And NOW onto the HOLY GRAIL!

The Holy Grail is this little black book that I write in, any and everything makeup related. I basiclly use it for brainstorming for my blog. I write down product lists, tutorial steps, Ideas, Things for my blog like Friday Features, Wishlists, swatches ect. This thing goes with me everywhere, I never leave home without it, haha. It's like my bible if I was religous haha.
The Holy Grail
The inside cover, I decked it out with makeup advertisments :)
I made my own little pouch for my coupons, and the first three pages are all my looks from 2010
On the left is a product list and the right is brainstorming for blog posts

Back cover :)

I love this journal, It makes blogging so much easier :) Everytime I update, I sit down at my computer with this wonderful little black book :)


  • Anonymous said...

    wow great idea , your blog is fresh , funny and so glamour really i like it , i m following you .

  • Starryskies214 said...

    You're totally what I think of when I think about an artist (especially a musician) with that journal. Haha and a Weird Al song was totally not what I was expecting!

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