Tutorial: Sailor Saturn

Mar 27, 2011 7 comments
This was requested by an annonymus commenter, but I really like this look and you guys said you wanted to see some tutorials so here is the first one :) I hope you can find it helpful. Okay lets get started!

Step 1: Start with a CLEAN canvas, no leftover makeup!

Step 2: Cover up any imperfections such as discoloration or veins using concealer then powder. Then apply a nice primer to ensure that your shadows are vibrant and long lasting, I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Step 3: Apply a purple base all over the lid and blend it out, I used Hard Candy's Take Me Out Liner in Geisha

Step 4: Apply a black base to the inner and outer corners of the lid, I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean

To apply shadows, I used a small/medium fluffy dome brush

Step 5: Apply a purple eye shadow all over the lid, I used Purple by NYX

Step 6: Apply a dark purple eye shadow to the crease, I used Deep Purple from NYX. Make sure you are blending out each layer of shadow so there are no harsh lines.

Step 7: Apply a black eye shadow to the inner and outer corners of the lid, I used Black from NYX

Step 8: Apply a medium toned red/pink to the crease above Deep Purple and blend all the way up to the lower brow bone, I used Prune from NYX

Step 9: Apply a deep burnt red color between Prune and Deep Purple, I used Rust from NYX

Step 10: Apply a white base to the brow bone and tear duct(closer to the nose), I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Step 11: Blend out the white base using your finger and set it with a white shadow using a brush like the one pictured, I used White from NYX

Step 12: Line the eyes witha black pencil liner, the top lashline and the waterline. Then on the lower lashline, using a pencil brush, apply Purple to the inner corner, Deep purple to the middle, and Black to the outer corner

Step 13: Finish off the eyes using your favorite mascara, I used Maybelline's Turbo Mascara in Black. Then fill in your eye brows using a angled liner brush

Angled Liner Brush

Now for lips:

Step 1: I applyed NYC's Liquid Lipshine in Cappuccino all over my lips, but you can use any nude lipstick or lipgloss.

Step 2: This is apptional, but to add depth to the lips and to tie them into the eyes, I used NYC's Liquid Lipsine in Cherrywood to the outer corners of the lips, You can use any burnt pink/red, similer to the eye shadow Prune from NYX

And here is the finished look, I hope you found this helpful :) to request more tutorials you can comment below or email me at uniquedesiredesigns@yahoo.com

Have a happy, healthy and wonderful day :)


  • Jeri said...

    Awesome tutorial! I have a request. It's kinda a weird look to request but...Can you do a Makeup tutorial from the Linkin Park "Crawling" Music Video. I really like the girls makeup, even though the eyeliner is a little sloppy (watch the video and you'll know why) so maybe you could do the look and just do some more neatly eyeliner. Thanks! Sailor Jupitor or Pluto would be nice too! :) Thank You!

  • Terra said...

    This is so gorgeous! I've been looking through here to decide what my NYX purchase will consist of, and I'm planning on getting most of what you used here.
    Plus, PokeBall nails!  You're just too awesome.

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