Sailor Neptune!

Mar 15, 2011 4 comments
Sailor Neptune wears a teal and cerulean uniform. She is best know as the Soldier of the Sea. Her true identity is Michelle Kaioh, a dainty school girl. She is very graceful and delicate, but very serious when she needs to be. She channels her creativity through music and art. She is in a relationship with Sailor Uranus.
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • 120 Pallete - Jade(lid), True Blue(crease), Navy Blue(outer crease)
  • NYX e/s  - Ocean(crease), Sweet Lagoon(blending color), White(highlight), Black(outer v)
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
  • Revlon Colorstay liquid & Pencil liner -  Black
  • Mayballine Turbo Mascarra - Black
  • NYC Liquid Lip Shine - Cappuccino


  • Sarah said...

    gorgeous! I love Sailor Moon so much. I was also thinking of doing a series based on the characters, but I'm still not sure...(I don't want to be a copy cat!) ;)

  • Anonymous said...

    OMG! You're gorgeous!! The make-up is sooo pretty!! Seriously, I am now a fan! I'm always looking for new ways to apply make-up and fun colors to try and now, I have found it! You should really do a tutorial on the rest of the sailor senshi... I want to know how you did it!!

    ~ Ravenna

  • Anonymous said...

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